Monsey 7-11 Now Serving Kosher Hot Dogs Made by Sam Indig


hot-dogNY Newsday reports: A Monsey convenience store franchise gave new meaning to its motto,”Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven,” when it became the first in the nation to offer a kosher hot dog grill.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Anthony Mendicino, who has operated the franchise with his brother Michael for 19 years, told Newsday on Monday.

The store is located in the heart of Monsey’s large Orthodox Jewish community. The brothers said their long-time kosher customers were clamoring for hot foods that met strict kashrus laws.

To appease their observant clientele, the brothers added a second grill that is supervised by Rabbi Zushe Blech of Monsey and is manned by Sam Indig, a trained chef who is an observant Orthodox Jew and long-time customer of the store.

Indig cooked up a “Kosher Heaven” menu featuring seven gourmet hot dogs and Polish sausages – including the Jerusalem, Garden of Eden, and Airmont dog – all served on buns from a local certified kosher bakery.

The grill and a special condiment bar with specialty toppings such as hummus and sauerkraut are separate from the store’s regular roller grill and are closed when Indig is off duty on Friday evenings and Shabbos.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I KNOW OF A COMMUNITY that once trie dthe same idea, a bagel store and a convenience store.It didnt work, they were both caught violating the meat and grill when the Jew was off.Both stores eventually were sold to Jews and completely converted to ‘bet yosef’ kosher.

    iTS A GREAT IDEA for that 7-11 to go 1001% kosher. I believe the 7-11 coney island ave brooklyn is 100% kosher.

  2. It will be a matter of time until something not so kosher happens in that store. Whats wrong with people? Why do you need Kosher hot dogs in 7 11? There are plenty of fleishig establishments in Monsey, Kosher Castle, Monsey Bbq, Rockland Kosher, Monsey Takeout, Nussies, Mechels. Why cant you buy hot dogs in a stricktly Kosher store ?


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