MONOC Donates Vehicle to Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch


lcsw (3)Lakewood, NJ – Who better supports the power and sacrifice of volunteer organizations in the efforts to keep our communities healthy and safe than an organization devoted to the very same cause?

MONOC, New Jersey’s network of acute care hospitals, donated a patrol vehicle to LCSW this week in recognition of the lifesaving work the organization does. Intimately involved as they are in the field of emergency services, MONOC, or Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation, understands the need for increased crime prevention and safety patrols in a town growing as rapidly as Lakewood and appreciates the incredible work that LCSW volunteers do, 24 hours a day, at great personal sacrifice.

They expressed their appreciation in the form of the vehicle donation, which will allow LCSW to increase the scope of their operations on pace with Lakewood’s increasing needs.

The vehicle is fully equipped with safety and communications equipment, scene lighting, search and rescue tools and other essential items. The vehicle, along with the rest of LCSW’s fleet, will prove to be a formidable force on the streets in the efforts to prevent crime and provide for the safety of all of Lakewood’s citizens. The vehicle was officially assigned to patrol at this week’s briefing with LCSW Shabbos members pertaining to upcoming Thanksgiving and Shabbos Chanukah patrols.

LCSW profusely thanks Andy Caruso, Regional Director, and MONOC for their generous donation and cherishes the partnership between the two organizations, a partnership based on the shared concern for each and every resident of Lakewood and its environs.

Additional sponsorships are available. Interested parties can contact LCSW’s Administrative office at 732-367-5279 (732-FOR-LCSW).

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