Money to Tzedakah: Super Bowl Prop Bets: Giants Fan Jona Rechnitz Does It Right After Winning $50k


rechnitz-super-bowl1Wanna know how to win a quick $50,000?

New York Giants fan Jona Rechnitz knows. All he did was bet $1,000 that the first score of Super Bowl XLVI would be a Giants safety.

Rechnitz, a native of Los Angeles, is a frum Yid and a graduate of Yeshiva University.

Now, after collecting $50,000 on 50-to-1 odds, he plans to give it all away to charity, according to That includes giving $5,000 to Tom Brady’s charity of choice, and treating him to an all-expenses-paid falafel dinner.

Now that’s awesome.

Rechnitz, who runs a successful real estate company in New York, will also handsomely reward the Giants linemen who cause the safety, in the form of $5,000 apiece to the charities of their choices. respectively.

Rechnitz has succeeded in two ways: He acted selflessly when he easily could have pocketed the money, and he gets to stick it to Brady in his own mischievous way.

Imagine being Brady and having some Giants fan contacting you and asking you if you wanted to go out for dinner, as well as offering $5,000 for intentionally grounding in the end zone in the Super Bowl. That may seem like a nice gesture, but c’mon, that’s rubbing it (falafel) in your face.

I say “three cheers” for Rechnitz. It’s not often that you see someone magically win 50 grand and not even think twice about keeping the money. That kind of money could buy you all kinds of Eli Manning Fatheads. Hey, it could buy you an Eli Manning signature.

The Super Bowl prop bets were well-documented this year.

But the biggest prop bet of them all will be going to charity.

{Bleacher Report/ Newscenter}


  1. Thank you so much for publishing such an inspiring heartwarming story! This story of exempilary middos tovos should be taught to all the little Yiddisha kinderlach! Ahh, what a wonderful role model for all of Acheinu Bnei Yisroel! Every Yid should be taught how to GAMBLE at a young age! This is the Torah way! I will speak to all the Mashgichim in all our Yeshiva Gedolos, to have Mr. Rechnitz come and give chizuk to the bachurim! An adam gadol like this, only comes around once in a thousand years!

  2. Am I missing something here? 1)Shame on Mr.Rechnitz for gambling!2)Shame on Matzav for reporting this story.It appears that niether Matzav and or Mr.Rechnitz care about The Chilul Hashe…and the message this sends to people of all ages checking your website, which may sound something like this,”Gambling isn’t that bad,especially if I win and give Tzedakah!Unfortunately we all feel sometimes that, “The end justifies the means” ASK YOUR LOR FIRST!

  3. Giving it to the charity of choice of the players ? you mean he has an opportunity to donate it to a good jewish cause (torah learning ? ) and acquire olam habah and instead he’ll give it to save the tree foundation because thats what Brady favors .
    what a shame.

  4. Yeah, but if he’d lost, where would the $1,000 have gone? And most people who gamble and bet do lose, otherwise the bookmakers and casinos would be out of business.

    It’s wonderful that he acted the way he did. It’s not wonderful that he bet so much in the first place. What does that $1,000 come out to in groceries? It’s widely known that there is a gambling problem in the frum community, although it doesn’t get the attention that drinking and drug abuse do. Nevertheless, it’s just as effective at ruining lives, breaking up marriages and harming children. See Dr. Abraham Twerski’s writing for more informtion.

  5. You can look at the bad or look at the good. Hes making a kiddish Hashem. He’s giving to needy causes some of which may be Jewish and some not. And no its not necessarily so easy to give away money even when you have it. Let’s try to stay positive guys.

  6. It’s clear lear in halacha that gambling in order to give away to charity is still assur, stil a psul eidus. Many gedolim are even against chinese auctions etc for yeshivos.

  7. @#2: I disagree. The more someone has, the more he wants. It takes self control for even a wealthy person to give. Let’s look at this generous act in a positive light and bring moshiach!

  8. Not everyone holds that gambling is assur its his money let him decide how to use it. And YES this man is a role model he is making a huge kiddush hashem in handing away 50000$ without even thinking about it. some people just see the negatives in everything

  9. One second, gentlemen.

    Before we go condemning this man, lulei demistafina, let’s take a look at what goes on inside our own machaneh. Not a week goes by that I don’t get a solicitatin from a yeshiva or mosad for a raffle. Now raffles have been around for a long time, but nowadays it seems that they have gotten out of hand. The prizes are much larger than ever: $50,000, $100,000.

    Amol, you understood you were making a contribution, and perhaps you might win something. Today’s ads are in the New York Lottery’s “Hey, You Never Know” model – they push you to believe in the prize.

    That crosses the line from Tzedakah to gambling in my opinion.

  10. #3 – Great post!
    #11 – Yeh a kidush Hashem.?! I guess you don’t have the proper definition of kidush Hashem. Sounds to me more like “????? ???…”

  11. “Rechnitz, a native of Los Angeles, is a frum Yid and a graduate of Yeshiva University.”

    That says it all!

    Thank you Matzav for glorifying gambling! Way to go!

  12. What is going on with matzav, it’s a shame you didn’t learn your lesson after posting a rediculous lomdos on the superbowl. This story is a pure chilul hashem and your giving this person credit. It’s a nebbach on him, his torah values are misconstrued and i’m beginning to question matzav’s torah values as well.

  13. So wrong on so many levels. What was matzav thinking when they published this!?!? We need to all Mechazik our Limud (especially the publishers at matzav)!

  14. comment to no:2 (bh)since when, just because a man has money doesn’t mean he can give it away easily.imagine working hard for money and then giving it away believe me it isn’t easy

  15. What was he thinking when he placed a thousand buck bet on the first score being a safety? He certainly looked at it as thrill of blowing his money in a “fun” way. Once he won, when he assumed he would surly lose, part of the original thrill is throwing the money away (i.e. giving it Brady’s charity and not a charity of his own free will)

  16. Matzav, you dropped the ball on this one. How can you justify writing this as news on your site? Do you know how many bachurim completely destroyed their lives with this type of behavior?

    Shame on you. Are you aware of the divorces that were caused by such behavior? How many Shalom Bayis issues that stem from gambling?

    How can you ever publish an article which promotes such treife hasagus the your readers?

    I am mystified beyond belief and will be terminating my phone service in Machaa, I hope you see the err of your ways and remove the article immediately.

  17. I love it. All you people who think this is a nonsense story, well get over it. It is hilarious. As a Giants fan and alumni or Yeshiva University, I am proud right now.

  18. I love it. All you people who think this is a nonsense story, well get over it. It is hilarious. As a Giants fan and alumni of Yeshiva University, I am proud right now.

  19. This Rechnitz is NOT the one that gave to the MIR. He’s NOT the one who is todays biggest baal tzedakah in the world. THIS IS A COUSIN!

  20. Hey Chuchum? Chinese auctions is Tzadaka for the Mosad. Some say you can even use maaser money. How can you compare the two? Chinese auctions are like a raffle. There are no odds makers. What a fool!

  21. #37, you just proved that you lack any common sense. When Rechnitz placed the bet, he also thought that the proceeds, if any, were going to tzedakah.

    You think it’s so pashut that a raffle or Chinese auction is totally different than gambling for the sake of a Mosad? Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  22. All you people that are sitting here judging this man for giving charity instead of tzedakah are just as wrong! ITS A NICE/GOOD THING!!! I would like to see all of you give money so easily & willingly like he did. Its his money, stop being jealous and living other peoples lives.

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