Mom-And-Pop Retailers Welcome Customers For Small Business Saturday


credit-cardThe Thanksgiving weekend shopping frenzy continued across the country with Small Business Saturday.

mom-and-pop shops in the Tri-State Area opened their doors and welcome customers last night, Motzoei Shabbos Chanukah, hoping bargains bring in a flood of customers.

American Express started Small Business Saturday three years ago, and hoped customers would come out to support the small stores that are often the backbone of local economies.

In return, shoppers hoped to get something extra.

Last year on Small Business Saturday, small businesses racked up $5.5 billion in sales.

{ Newscenter}


  1. What a joke! Last year, you got back $25 from amex. This year only a measly $10! I didnt waste my precious Chanuka time to get ripped off!

  2. To #1: This was a freebee. If you don’t want it don’t register for it. I did. I didn’t shop far from home. I went to my closest store and spent it there. I was out in 5 minutes. I appreciated the extra bonus. Don’t be a complainer. Look for the good in life and you will get far in life.


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