Molotov Cocktail Landed In Givat Ze’ev This Morning


On Monday morning, the police were summoned to the yard of a house in Givat Ze’ev after a Molotov cocktail was found there. Police arrived at the scene and safely removed the explosive, transferring the findings for further investigation.

This is not the first time a blaze of fire has landed in the area. About four months ago, two fire balloons from Gaza landed in Gilo , but were neutralized and there were no casualties.

The police call on the public to exercise extreme caution when it comes to such suspicious objects, which may contain explosives or incendiary materials that may endanger public safety.



  1. Hiw close to Gaza is Givat Ze’ev? Is it near Ashkelon or Ashdod? This seems like the first time it’s in the news. Is it near the West Bank border?


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