MLK Day at Avi Weiss’ Shul in Riverdale


Viewer discretion advised.

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  1. I think plenty of people are listening to these horrible revelations about the avi weiss “open” “orthodox” sect. Even the reform movement, when they first started, wetre more subtle than this! Rachmona Litzlon!!!

  2. Why is it disgraceful?
    All MLK wanted, was Equality and equal opportunity for every human being created by God. He believed that every child is born as an innocent being beloved by God, regardless of his skin color.
    Why souldn’t a rabbi celebrate those beautiful notions? Viewer discretion is really not necessary.

  3. In light of the above video and of the opinion piece published earlier on Matzav, in which Rabbi Oppenheimer refuses to call Avi Weiss “rabbi”, maybe we should call him “Reverend Avi Weiss”. It fits far more.

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  5. Reformodoxy. When is everyone going to realize that Weiss is a lunatic and has to stopped? This should be all the proof the OU, RCA and Rabanut need to declare him and his talmidim pasul l’edut and put them in cherem for apikorsus.

  6. You just got to love these Liberal Jews, getting up there and singing Amen like a dyed-in-the-blood African American. But the day that an African American family moves next door to them, is the day they move out the neighborhood, faster than you can say ‘Maharat’. Such hypocrites, all love and all as they cling to their their lily-white upscale enclaves.

    On the other hand, the people in Brooklyn, eg Crown Heights live side by side with the African American community and work together to make the neighborhood beautiful and safe. Ditto for the people in Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn where Jews live side by side with various ethnic backgrounds. They accept people as people who are just trying to live their lives, even though they don’t get up in shul with their neighbors to sing Black hymns. Yet, the minute there is a conflict or issue(that inevitably must arise when such diverse communities live side by side) the Liberal Jews will be the first openly criticize, critique etc the Hassidic Jews of the mixed or inner city neighborhood, even though the LilyWhite Open Orthodox enclaver would shudder even at the thought of having a black or latino neighbor.

    They are driven less by Torah and less by compassion than by a “feel good” Judaism where there ego, feeling good, and self drives every initiative, from Maharat to loose conversions to Amen singing gospel in a supposed Shul.

    Delusional hypocrites, the whole lot of them.

  7. “Reverend” was actually the title given to rabbis in the UK and some other places for generations.

    “quote Martin Luther King”

    The comments here are a chilul HaShem. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a huge opponent of anti-Semitism, a huge supporter of Jews who were being oppressed all over the world, and a huge supporter of the State of Israel. Rev. Dr. King spoke out loudly against the oppression of Jews in the former Soviet Union before it was on the radar screen of American and Israeli Jews.

    In part because of Rabbi Avi Weiss’s outreach, relations between Jews and African-Americans here in the Bronx are good. While elsewhere in NYC we get rabbis mouthing racist claptrap, in the Bronx, we have rabbis calling African-American leaders and getting their united support whenever there is a hint of anti-Semitism anywhere around here. And a good part of that is Rabbi Weiss’s recognition of the amazing supporter we had in Rev. Dr. King.

    We should be proud that an Orthodox synagogue has for years been the site of the main Bronx celebration of Rev. Dr. King’s life. It keeps alive the memory of Rev. Dr. King’s commitment not just to his own people, but to ours as well! If is very fortunate that few outside the frum community read these comments that tear down someone who has been successful in building these bridges that help us all.

  8. Thank you for this most inspiring video.

    I remember the days when Rabbi Weiss was looked up to, as he rallied tirelessly on behalf of Soviet Jewry. Sadly, he has fallen deeply from those lofty levels.

    Rav Moshe Feinstein writes that one of the aims in remembering the episode of Amalek is to remind us how low a person can go. Unfortunately, Rabbi Weiss’s activities remind me of Rav Moshe’s novel explanation.

    What a lesson in Mussar!

  9. Rabbi Weiss means well, it is just that he got carried away and took things too far it seems.

    We also have to understand that he is from an older generation, who remembers how things were before the civil rights movement, when various kinds of discrimination (including against Jews) was rampant in the United States. When things opened up for African-Americans, they opened up for Jews and other minorities as well. He knows this, he lived through it. Most of the commenters here are younger and did not live then and don’t know how things were in the old days.

    Before judging Rabbi Weiss, we need to know where he is coming from.

  10. how-come the am haratzim are the only ones who scream about ahavaT yisroel go get a clue and open up a hilchhos loshon harah

  11. There is a video online from a YCT student of a previous MLK day concert there, which I just saw, which is much worse than this!

  12. Here are the lyrics to the song

    “Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen
    Sing it over
    Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen
    See the little baby
    Wrapped in a manger on Xmas morning
    Singing in”

    The song is about J-

  13. lol its actually am haaratzim he was right. am haaretz is a term/expression for which the plural you add a yud mem. theirs no such thinh as amei haaretz lol

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