MK Yinon Azoulay: Reform Jews Are Not Jews; Blames Earthquake On Kosel Plan


MK Yinon Azoulay of Shas said Wednesday that Reform Jews “are not Jews” and blamed the minor quakes in the Galil Wednesday morning on the lobby to build an egalitarian prayer space at the Kosel, Haaretz reports.

Speaking at a Knesset debate on the contested mixed-gender prayer space at the Kosel, Azoulay said: “Today we heard there was some kind of earthquake, maybe we should do some soul-searching that this earthquake was because someone is trying to touch that which is sacred to us? Hear our pain, they are not Jews.”

“What do you have to do with the ancient stones of the Kosel?” Azoulay asked, suggesting that Reform Jews “take the money you invest in the State of Israel and build a Kosel in the U.S.”

{ Israel}


  1. I love how people know Hashems cheshbonos. Maybe the earthquake was because of too much machlokes and loshon hora? Maybe not. Who knows?

    • maybe and maybe, but one thing for sure is that the reforms are a disgrace, especially with their prayers at the kotel on rosh hodesh. WoW will rot in hell.

  2. A calamity is a calamity.

    The calamity of the toeivah is the sun and the stars. They refuse to honor the name of Hashem in the eyes of the most unimpressive jews.

    In any sense. Give any comment a reason to talk about the reason for a calamity. Blame the abomination. If we can stop it we are well.

    Of course, we are an all for the boss culture. Keep it to everything that work must do.

    Hashem has a war. We fight it with bible. The reform rabbis? They are Fathers. The rabba or woman rabbi? She is a ratta. They can just rot. So do not go to Father Robinson the jew. He is not a rabbi. Do not go to a rabba. She is a ratta. Why not seek orthodox clergy. They are not afraid to tell you that the false men and ever women to use that title are all wrong. Clergy only. They can visit the sick and hold a hand. Lets not wake up seeing what they put in.

  3. This Shas´”joineh”´s guesswork is as good/bad as mine. Mine is that the earthquake took place in a Haredi inhabited area and not in the heretic Tel Aviv or New York as a warning to Haredim/Shas fundamentalists to stop the Sinat Hinam. Those who can say which of us is right is a heretic as are those who think that they are neviim and can speak on His behalf. And pretend that they can say with certainty what He is telling us with an eartquake.


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