MK Yaakov Asher Extolls the Work of Chessed Organizations During Recent Snowstorm


yaakov-asher-2Yerushalayim – On Sunday, at the plenary meeting of the Knesset, MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher commended the many chessed organizations that did phenomenal humanitarian work during the recent snowstorm.

“In the wake of the storm that struck our people, praise is certainly due to the municipal workers, electric company, police force, Magen David Adom, and such, who did their work under impossible conditions.

“At the same time, the emphasis should be placed – and unfortunately was not, as yet – on the hundreds, and perhaps thousands of volunteers and the chessed organizations, who took a very active part in saving lives and helping those in need, not as their obligation, but as a privilege,” said MK Asher. “In those difficult, frigid days and nights, they went out and helped women who had to give birth, elderly people and anyone in need, giving out food staples and doing holy work. I am talking about organizations like: Zaka, Ezer Mizion, Yad Sarah, United Hatzalah, whom we all saw going around and doing life-saving work.”

He went on to say: “These days, when the chareidi community is constantly under fire for ‘not carrying their share of the burden,’ I suggest to the people who are always drawing on this specious argument to ask all those ill, elderly, and homebound: Who came to help them in the snow? Who risked their lives? Who did so out of a sense of mission and as a privilege, not by work obligation? Maybe, by doing so, the waves of vicious political bashing of the chareidi community will recede, even if only a bit.”

At the conclusion of his words, MK Asher commented that at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s press conference, Netanyahu did not mention a single chessed organization. Not a word was said about the tremendous assistance the organizations provided and the way they selflessly rallied on behalf of the public – the same organizations that provide immeasurable help to the public throughout the year.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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