MK Hazan: Why Are Police Ignoring Daily Terror Attacks?


MK Oren Hzan (Likud) on Sunday accused the Israel police of deliberately failing to report terrorist attacks in an appeal to Police Commissioner Ron Alsheich.

In his letter to Commissioner Alsheich, Hazan wrote that “daily incidents throughout Shomron and Yerushalayim and among them are dozens of terror attacks. Unfortunately, it is unclear why the police refrain from making public statements about such incidents. Among other things, is this a deliberate hand that is distorting reality and hiding from the public the situation on the ground?”

According to MK Hazan, in view of the many complaints that were piled up on his desk and after a thorough examination, it appears that the police spokesman is in no hurry to publish terror attacks against Israeli citizens, “not by accident or by chance, but methodically and deliberately.”

“I appeal to the police commissioner for an appropriate response regarding the policy, who and what is behind it, and also to ask the police to issue notices about every terrorist attack against Israeli citizens.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The government doesn’t want the public to realize just how dangerous our situation is. If the people did realize, everyone would vote right-wing only…and the dominant lefties would be out of their fancy jobs…

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