MK Hazan Attacked In The Old City


Tzomet party leader MK Oren Hazan arrived Monday for a tour of the Old City on his way to the Kosel. During the tour, MK Hazan was attacked and harassed by a number of Arabs. Security forces arrested some of the attackers.

MK Hazan said: “I came on a tour alone so as not to cause a stir, but the Arabs in the Old City were still bothered, because they want our country and simply want to murder us. It does not make sense that Jews cannot move freely and confidently in the Land of Israel. This is the State of Israel and this is our land. If an MK in the State of Israel can be attacked by thugs, what will happen [to the masses?]”

“It’s important to understand – the terrorists understand only power and fear, and when they see fear, they exploit it against us. We must ensure that Jews can safely travel around the country,” Hazan added.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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