Mizrachi Rabbis Blast the New Israel Fund


Senior rabbis in the Mizrachi movement called on Sunday for all Mizrachi organizations which receive funding from the New Israel Fund (NIF) to sever all ties with the NIF.

In a letter, the rabbis expressed their opinion on the relationship between the NIF and Mizrachi organizations. “A comprehensive study recently conducted by the Hatem organization has come to our attention. It shows how there are forces and organizations that are working to weaken the Jewishness of the state and its spiritual and moral strength in a consistent and pre-planned manner, even within Mizrachi, and in effect to bring about a process that will ultimately erode the Jewish identity of the State of Israel.”

“Therefore, there is a great obligation to reveal to the public all these grave facts and intentions, and not to leave them hidden from their eyes, so that the goals of these organizations’ actions are clear and the public knows how to treat them and beware of them.

The letter was signed by Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Tzvi Tao, Rabbi David Hai HaCohen, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Rabbi David Dudkevitch, Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky and Rabbi Shlomo Levi, who alled call on the rabbis to continue their activities to expose the NIF’s activities.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Yup there is infiltration in religious & in Charedi groups also of funding from liberal, leftist, anti Israel groups. Beware of agendas!!!!

  2. This is nothing new. How is it that the Rabbis just realized it now when it’s already tens of years that the NIF does not fund religious Jewish organizations? They’re associated with the likes of Betzelem, Peace Now, etc.

    • maybe it’s a mix of nif acting more brazenly and the mizrachi community is now stronger that it can confidently not have to accept any help from the nif.

  3. Torah is NOT supported by the NIF.

    They will assuage antiTorah dreams of sabbath commerce and allow unorthodox lifestyle. Kosher is not important.

    Guess a zero and give zero. The company is not open to charedi interests.

    Basic goal, you flush my toilet i’ll flush yours.



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