Mitt Romney: Obama’s ‘Words Are Cheap’


romneyMitt Romney used an appearance at the Business Roundtable’s quarterly meeting to prebut President Barack Obama’s upcoming economic speech, saying that Obama might speak “eloquently” to the American people as he looks to buy himself more time in office, but that “words are cheap.”

“If President Obama speaks as he normally will tomorrow, his rhetoric will be soaring and eloquent, but I’d suggest a look at the record, more than the words,” Romney on Monday told more than 100 of the country’s top CEOs. “I think you know what his record shows.”

Obama, Romney charged, will stifle American energy resources, dramatically increase cost with the implementation of his health-care law, and increase the regulatory burden if elected to a second term. The Obama administration, he said, has been a foe of job creators like the executives he addressed.

“Government has to be the partner, the friend, the ally, the supporter of enterprise,” Romney said. “Not the enemy.”

“”In another in a long line of ‘major’ economic speeches, Mitt Romney made dishonest after dishonest claim about the President’s record and failed to offer any new ideas of his own on how to improve the economy and strengthen the middle class,” campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said in a statement after Romney’s speech. “Contrary to Romney’s rhetoric, the President took our nation from losing 750,000 jobs a month to adding 4.3 million private sector jobs over the last 27 months.”

Romney’s speech here comes a day before he and President Obama will both head to the key swing-state of Ohio.

While Obama will give his economic speech in Cleveland, Romney has a public event at Selikop Industries and a private fundraiser in Cincinnati. Romney will return to Ohio later in the week as part of his “Every Town Counts” bus tour, a five-day campaign swing through six battleground states, with a focus on small towns.

Speaking to the Business Roundtable, Romney slammed Obama again on his comments that the private sector is “doing fine,” Romney said Obama and his administration were likely stunned by the “incredulity that came screaming back from the American people” over his remarks, causing him to change direction.

“I think you’re going to see [Obama] change course when he speaks tomorrow, where he will acknowledge that it isn’t going so well and he will ask for four more years,” Romney said. “So instead of three years, and he’s out, he wants four more years. My own view is he will speak eloquently, but that words are cheap, and that the record of an individual is the basis upon which to determine whether they should continue to hold on to their jobs.”

“The record is that we have 23 million people that are out of work, or who have stopped looking for work or who are underemployed,” Romney continued. “That is a compelling and sad statistic.”

During his remarks, Romney continued to paint Obama as out of touch with average Americans and small business owners, a charge that was leveled at Romney by members of his own party during the GOP primary.

He said Obama has presided over the most “anti-investment, anti-business, anti-jobs series of policies in modern American history,” and added that this has been a “tepid and unfortunate recovery for the American people.”

“The reason it has taken so long for this recovery to gain traction and to put people back to work is in large measure because of the policy choices the president made,” Romney said. “He is not responsible for any improvement we might be seeing. Instead he is responsible for the fact that it’s taken so long to see this recovery and the fact that this recovery is so tepid.”

Romney was also expected to address the CEOs at a question-and-answer session Wednesday, but members of the press were ushered out of the room immediately following Romney’s remarks.

{Politico/ Newscenter}


  1. Obama’s words are really cheap Mr. Romney. Harvard Law education, Columbia undergraduate, served on the law journals editor staff, worked as a senator and now the president. Cheap!

  2. Exactly, #1. Obama has no real world experience, only academia and politics. It takes years to learn what Romney knows, and the press and president expect him to express how to fix the economy in a sound bite. More ignorance on Obama’s part.

    Let’s hire Romney and put him to work, we won’t regret it.

  3. Chaimz, perhaps you think that influence and accesory grows on trees. Mitt Romney can cancel payments all he wants and even fire a few nice people, but he will never rise to the potential of a man who for the very moment he came onto the stage in 2004 was predicted to be a future US President. (DNC Conference)

  4. To #4
    …. and from the moment he became a US president has proceeded to attempt to reduce the US of A to the level of the backward countries he seems enamored with.

  5. Beethoven’s you are only proving the adage that you can fool all the people some of the time. The vast multitude of black and liberal people who voted for Obama have no idea what it means to run a business or a country. Obama himself says repeatedly that he knows how to run Wall Street better than the people on Wall Street. And he can run GM by mandating that they build a million ‘green’ cars that no one wants and that are subsidized to the tune of over $200,000 per car (adding all the grants and tax breaks). He took money for that from the bondholders who are supposed to be first in line to receive assets of a bankrupt company, and gave them nothing in return. He did give the unions who had brought GM to its knees a chunk of the new company. And he is unrepentant, funding Solara, stopping oil drilling, torturing Israel, and all the while shouting from the rooftops that he is doing the opposite. Well, it worked from him on Election Day, he’s trying it again.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on all of us.

    He has made nothing but bad moves since he took his position. When we needed jobs he said we will fund ‘shovel ready’ projects. When he belatedly realized that nobody has such projects UNTIL there is funding and that making things ‘shovel ready’ takes years, he passed it off with a joke, though he was dealing with TRILLIONS of dollars, not the billions that JP Morgan just lost.

    His real efforts were put into passing a health care policy that even his own party would have voted down, had he no given them huge presents from our depleted treasury. I hope you remember.

    He is a fool that used to make people think that he could speak until they see how dependant he is on teleprompters. He ran on a platform of hope and no one will say that he delivered. He would never have tried to run on his business acumen, army-leading skills, peace-making ability, unifying experience or any worthwhile human endeavor. He internalized 20+ years of listening to a pastor spewing hatred for Whites, Jews and America, and in quiet moments with his wife (who was never proud of America either) must be laughing at the foolishness of those that follow him.

    Find someone better to believe in.


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