Mitt Romney Expected To Visit Israel


romneyRumors in Washington claim that the expected Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, is planning a quick visit to Israel in a few months in order to embarrass President Barack Obama, who has never visited Israel since taking office. According to these rumors, Romney’s staff hope that a visit to Israel, which will win extensive media coverage, will motivate Jewish voters to abandon the Democrats, their traditional political home, in favor of Romney.

The rumors began spreading a few weeks ago, but have picked up and become more credible in an article on Monday in Congressional newspaper “The Hill”, which covers Capitol Hill.

A Jewish Republican activist, who has supported Romney long before he began to lead in the primaries, believes that he will be an excellent president for Israel. He told “Globes”, “Everyone is talking about a possible visit by Romney to Israel in a few months.” He stressed, however, that he is not part of Romney’s election staff, and he cannot therefore confirm whether the visit is anything more than a rumor. “It would be a genius move by Romney,” he said.

The Jewish Republican Coalition, which organizes Jewish donors for the party, declined to respond to questions by “Globes” yesterday whether such a visit was in the cards. Other Republican sources said that a sortie to Israel, which would take off at least four days from Romney’s crowded schedule, would be a very difficult challenge.

“The Hill” quotes Republican legislators as saying that such a trip would highlight the fact that President Obama has not been there during his first term, and that there would be many benefits for Romney should he go to Israel, explaining that it would both advance US-Israeli relations and help him politically.

A Romney visit would have special significance given his longstanding friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which goes back to when both men worked at Boston Consulting Group in the mid-1970s. During the current campaign, Romney has promised that Israel would be his first foreign trip as president. He has slammed Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus,” and when Netanyahu’s father died two weeks ago, his campaign made a point to send out a public letter extending his condolences.

Obama visited Israel in 2008, when he was running for president, but has not been back since. “The Hill” says that he has been to 30 countries, so far, including Ghana, Ireland and El Salvador. He has also visited Egypt, where he made his famous speech at Cairo University.

{Globes/ Israel}


  1. If he’s only doing it to embarrass Mr. Obama in the elections, how does this make him our “friend?” Like it says in Avos, “Stay away from the ruling authorities, because they’re only good to you when you’re useful to them, and when you’re no longer useful – goodbye!”

    The current President may or may not love us, but at least he’s not making nicey-nice to win an election.

  2. Obama did visit Israel while he was running for office. The last sitting President that visited Israel was Bill Clinton.

  3. #2 You mean Mr. Bush never visited Israel while he was President? If so, it was a serious omission – but it didn’t prevent him from supporting Israel. Evidently it isn’t necessary to do photo-ops at the Kotel to keep an eye out for Israel’s welfare.

  4. I for one think this visit won’t embarrass Obama because he too visited Israel prior to the elections. All Presidents do this photo-op, I think there’s a mistake here, I don’t think Romney is doing this to embarrass Obama, I think he’s doing it because he really is a friend of Israel. And well Obama did it too prior to the last elections.
    Bush did not visit Israel in his first term. Only in his second term did he visit, I suppose it boils down to the time presidents have, I doubt it is something to use against Obama. I’m sure Obama would do it if he felt it necessary to push peace efforts. But for now both parties aint to interested in peace, and so going there really would really be for naught.

  5. Another possibility – the vote that Mr. Romney is courting is the evangelical vote. Most Orthodox Jews will vote for Mr. Romney anyway, and most non-Orthodox Jews will vote for Mr. Obama, so there has to be another motivation.


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