Mitt Romney: Donald Trump’s ‘Hurtful, Childish’ Comments Will Hurt The GOP


romneyDespite Donald Trump’s success in the polls, Mitt Romney said the Republican front-runner’s “hurtful” and “childish” comments are going to make winning the primary and general election difficult for the GOP.

“Donald Trump has said a number of things which are hurtful and he has said that they were childish in some respects and I think will be potentially problematic either in a primary or in a general election if he were to become the nominee,” Romney told David Axelrod on his podcast “The Axe Files.”

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate said Trump’s comments about women and Hispanics are going to be the greatest challenge to overcome.

“Donald Trump is a big megaphone. And I think that some of the things he’s said, particularly about Hispanics, will be problematic, certainly for him, if he were to go to the next stage, but for whoever our nominee is,” he said. “Now if our nominee happened to be someone like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, who have strong Hispanic roots themselves and connections themselves, that might not be as big an issue.” Read more at Cable News Network.



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