Missionary Alert in Flatbush


flatbush1With missionaries constantly ramping up their efforts to infiltrate frum communities across the tri-state area, the heart of Flatbush has now been targeted by those wishing to spread their message to Jews.

Missionaries have been canvassing the streets of Coney Island Avenue, in the area of Avenues J and K, in Flatbush, Brooklyn, wearing shirts that state, “Ask me about my Rabbi.” They also carry “Messiah” bags and have been handing out flyers. They were last spotted in the last hour in the aforementioned neighborhood.

Frum residents of the community are asked to stay alert.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. #2 When you see them a person should immediately turn around & ignore them like they don’t exist & run away. if everyone does this they will leave when they see that noone wants their letters or bags…

  2. heres what you do. you send very capable people who won’t get confused by them, have them find the missionaries, and let them keep them busy on the street so as not to find the vulnerable people.
    also, they should ask them for their materials so that they can “give it to their friends” and then burn it after they leave.

  3. Another thing to shmooze to them about is the following.
    They will ask you if you have ever thought about Christianity.
    Say, Yes!
    I sure have thought about Christianity.
    I think about Crusades, when 10s of thousands of people were murdered in the cruelest of manners. Their arms and legs chopped of. Burnt alive inside of the Synagogues. I think of the thousands of Jews, including small children burnt at the stake, of the 100s of thousands of people driven out of their homes with just the clothes on their back’s, in 1492. I think about the pogroms through Europe, maiming and torturing many thousands. Burning down their houses and killing the children. I think of the senseless blood libels, when angry masses would be inspired by the priests to destroy and kill Jews. I think of the millions that have suffered through the hands of the Christian church.
    So do I think about Christianity? Yes, I think about it every day!
    (Don’t be intimidated by them, they are ignorant and sick)
    Two Italians came to my Rabbi and said, YOU KILLED OUR god. So he said, if I could kill your god, watch what I could do to you!

  4. A missionary book with the name “They Thought for Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews” by Sid Roth is being mailed to Jewish families. Throw it out immediately.


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