Video: Missionaries Pummel Yeshivah Student in Ranana


missionary-beating[Video below.] Nesanel’s only “crime” was being mistaken by missionaries for a Yad L’Achim activist. His punishment was a brutal beating at the hands of two cult members.

Nesanel, who asked that his full name not be used in this article, is a 21-year-old yeshivah student who was returning home to Ranana last week. He had disembarked from his bus at the Ranana junction, where he encountered missionaries holding up signs, distributing flyers to passersby and trying to engage them in conversation.

As revealed recently by Yad L’Achim, the missionaries have launched a campaign that is unprecedented in its scope and aggressiveness. They are out in force all across the Dan and Sharon regions, holding up huge banners and distributing materials at major intersections.

When two of them at the Ranana junction spotted Nesanel, dressed as a yeshivah student, they assumed he worked for Yad L’Achim and would try to stymie them. They gave chase, threw him to the ground and pummeled him with vicious blows. According to information that reached Yad L’Achim, one of the assailants was Marcel Clark, a senior missionary of Asian origin with Dutch citizenship who is in Israel on a tourist visa, and another from the Former Soviet Union.

Nesanel, shaking with emotion, recounted the attack earlier this week: “I had gotten off the bus and saw men holding up signs with quotes regarding ‘that man.’ When they saw me they started running toward me. I didn’t understand what they wanted from me and ran away. They caught me and subjected me to a brutal beating. Bystanders tried to get them to stop, but, the missionaries, in their chutpza, told them that that morning I had attacked an elderly woman connected to their activities.

“Each one of the two grabbed an arm and bent it back forcefully. At one point, I noticed that one of the bystanders was photographing the events. I was happy that at least there would be a record of what they were doing to me.”
Bystanders summoned the police, who arrived quickly and took the two assailants in for questioning. Yad L’Achim staffers who arrived, and who managed to obtain the film of the event from one of the bystanders, accompanied Nesanel to the police and then to the hospital.

At Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava, Nesanel was subjected to a thorough battery of tests. Miraculously, he suffered no internal injuries, but his body bore many scars.

Nesanel fears for his life, for what he feels is good reason. “After the police arrived, other missionaries came over to me,” he recalled. “They took my picture and promised that we’d meet again.”
Ironically, one of the missionaries involved in the beating likes to portray himself as a great humanitarian.

Yad L’Achim chairman Rav Shalom Dov Lifschitz said the incident must sound an alarm. “The missionaries aren’t giving up, and the only way to rid Israel of this plague is to enact legislation that prohibits any missionary activity,” he said. “If not now, when?”

Click below to watch a video of the beating:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. sorry #3. that’s not loshon hakodesh. that’s ivrit. loshon hakodesh is a written language. for yidden, yiddish is the spoken language.

  2. We should know, that these people equally want our destruction like the Arabs. They want to destroy our souls and their highest goal is that every Jew converts to Christianity. This has been the case since the birth of Christianity. There is a lot of missionary activity going on in Israel. These people also receive huge amounts of money mainly from US Evangelical Christians, in order to fund their destructive activities.
    It is teriible that Israel allows these missionaries in and there definately should be some sort of law against missionaries in Israel.
    I really hope that these criminals who attacked this Yeshiva student get deported.
    Let’s support Yad L’achim and other anti-missionary organisations that are doing a great job in fighting missionary activity towards Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

  3. Israel has to let these missionaries in because if they don’t, our right-wing Evnagelical “friends” in the US will complain and cause political problems.

    Evangelicals love Jews so that a) we will convert to their avodah zarah and b) we will gather in Israel so we can be destroyed in the battle of Armageddon so that man can “come back again.”

    Let’s get wise.

  4. To Editor,

    Can Matzav Please post this video in it’s featured video section so as we should not forget this for a while! Thank You in advance, fellow jew

  5. I just see two persons. One on his belly on the ground, and one above him trying to keep him under control. I just saw some wrestling and no beating or punching. Afterwards the camara shows some scratches at the skin of the “victim” So I realy don’t know wat has happened. The video and the pictures are not clear enough.

  6. wow this is so stupid of that missionary!!
    but i dont think he hurt the guy so much, because there was a man filming it!! why didnt he help him??

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