Missile Defense Expert Warns of Growing Strategic Threat to Israel


missile-launchersIsrael’s enemies are arming themselves with precision-guided heavy rockets and will inevitably come to possess GPS-guided ballistic missiles, Dr. Uzi Rubin, an architect of the Israeli missile defense program, warned the Institute for National Security Studies on Wednesday.

“Iran possesses over 400 ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, with warheads of 750 kilograms. Syria possesses 200 to 300” such missiles, having used up part of its arsenal in its civil war.

Syria and Hizbullah have thousands of heavy rockets, and tens of thousands of light rockets. “These rockets are being turned into smart rockets. The Iranians took the Zilzal 2 and turned it into a guided rocket. The third generation of it contains a homing sensor and a GPS.”

“The Syrians can have this capability too, to create a fully guided M-600 rocket with GPS. Hizbullah probably has these.”

In the next five to 10 years, Israel’s enemies will inevitably arm themselves with GPS-guided ballistic missiles, he said.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. GPS-guided ballistic missiles? GPS is a satellite network owned by the US DoD. Those who own the network (and who coincidentally happen to monitor airspace worldwide) can switch off the signal anytime in the affected region within seconds, or have it transmit incorrect data. There are other similar positioning networks, controlled by Russia, China and EU. Not by Iran, which does not have even a satellite for precise regional positioning, last time I checked.

  2. Uzi Rubin is the ballistic defense community’s Chicken Little. His sky has been falling for decades, since he left MAFAT’s Ballistic Missile Defense organization to strike out on his own.

    It’s not all about missile defense.


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