Mishpacha Editor Captured by Wash Post Engaged in Tefillah


binyomin-rose-mishpachaMishpacha Magazine’s news editor, Binyamin Rose, spent the week in Tampa, Florida, covering the Republican National Convention for the magazine.

With several religious delegates, the convention organizers designated a special room for prayer; several minyanim were held there over the course of the convention.

This candid photo, captured by the Washington Post, shows Rose deep in tefilla.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We had minyonim (Mincha & Mariv) inside of the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the GOP Convention took place each day/night during the Convention.

    A special yasher koach to the large contingent from Lakewood, New Jersey and New York who made these minyonim possible.

    A special yasher koach to the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) at their (offsite) events during the Convention for having (glatt) kosher food (and a mashgiach temidi) at their well attended community events during the Convention.

    This was my 6th GOP Convention and I am proud to say that there were more than 150 ‘Yarmikas’ or ‘black hats’ in attendance at this convention compared to 4 or 5 as in previous conventions.

    Burich Hashem!!! The community woke up!

    If we can only convey our message and educate the rest of the community about how important each and every vote means maybe we will have real leadership in office.

    Please register to vote and then VOTE!!!

    A Kesiva V’Chasima Toiva to all!!!

  2. “shows Rose deep in tefilla”

    No it doesn’t. Also, where is the hat? Shaddchanim are watching (unless all the kids are married off)!

  3. #4, when you arrive at bais din shel maalah, the first 3 questions they ask is, were you fruitful, dealt your business dealings honestly and were you kovaiah itim latorah. Davening with a hat is not the number one priority. One could be a ehrliche yid without davening with a hat.

  4. Where is hat you are asking? Where is your sechel? Is a hat me’akev? Is his tefilah not valid for davening w/o a hat? Get your sh’tuiot out of your hat. Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t daven with a Borsolino either.

  5. A hat makes a Jew? NO. A gartel makes a Jew? NO

    For a yid to take the time in the middle of a major event to seclude himself to daven or talk to Hashem… THIS IS WHAT MAKES A YID!!!

    BH for this Mr. Rose. Hashgocho Pratis that his picture davenin is sent around the world.

  6. to comment number 6 grow up. Baruch Hashem, he only cares about standing before Hashem and does not feel the need to satisfy your small minded view of yiddishkeit.
    Besides, I hate to break it to you,but nobody in the coroporate world comes to work with a hat and jacket. Grow up !


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