Misaskim Volunteers Perform Sweep at Aron Home in Kensington


misaskim-kletzkyToday, the NYPD got ready to wrap up its nearly two-week-long investigation at the Levi Aaron house on East 2nd Street in Brooklyn. Before they prepared to return the house to its owners, members of the NYPD reached out to Misaskim’s Disaster and Recovery team to come down to the house for another sweep to ensure kavod haniftar.

“The NYPD’s sensitivity to our community and to the family of Leiby Kletzky, a’h, is truly remarkable,” said one volunteer at the scene. “It will do its utmost to accommodate, despite the intense activity as its investigators prepare to leave the crime scene.”

Misaskim immediately dispatched the same volunteers who were at the scene when the terrible discovery was made in the wee hours of July 13th. These same volunteers were also the ones who spent that day at the Medical Examiner’s Office, working alongside the coroners to make certain that the proper kavod h’achron was given to Leiby a”h and that the levayah could still take place on that day. Misaskim volunteers have undergone the necessary training that enables them to preserve kavod hames in these tragic circumstances.

Misaskim once again publicly thanked the NYPD for its support and understanding. The volunteers are deeply grateful for their ongoing positive relationship with the NYPD.

May Klal Yisroel shielded from any more suffering and pain in the future.


  1. A solutely amazing!
    How lucky we are to command such respect at the hands of the NYPD.
    Kol Hakavod to Yanky Meyer and his Miaskim organization for all they do on behalf of K’lal Yisroel! HaShem, please don’t overlook the ahavas Yisroel we Yidden redally have! Won’t you bring us the Geulah already! Haven’t we done adaequate teshuva for tbhe sinaas chinom thagt caused this miserable galus in the first place?

  2. Hopefully the neighbors on the block will now be able to go on with their lives and not be traumatized anew each time they and their children walk out of their house.

  3. If anyone thinks the NYPD is incapable of doing a proper investigation of child abuse in the frum community after their sterling efforts here, they got another thought coming.

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