Misameach Hosts Game-Changing Gala Event


misameachWe all know the injunction, “The biggest help is to stay out of the way.” Uttered by so many parents in the hectic weeks before Yom Tov, oftentimes that is really all the parents need; a slight break from the busy family life, so they could prepare for Pesach.

But what if the child is terminally ill? The parents have been in and out of the hospital for months. The siblings are overwhelmed, the parents perhaps unable to cope. This Pesach won’t make itself, and these children won’t entertain themselves.

Erev Pesach, 5772. While the rest of the world was in a whirlwind, Misameach volunteers were doing what they do best: throwing a party. BounceU, an “unbelievably cool bounce stadium”, was chosen as the venue. Over one hundred boys and girls attended, with dozens of Misameach staff members supervising. Parents dropped off their children for the day, where they were treated to a gourmet meal, a spellbinding story-teller, and – of course – a day at BounceU’s beautiful facility.

Events like these are what set Misameach apart. Misameach provides relief and entertainment when it is most needed, and they come up with unique arrangements to fit the needs of patients and their families. Like when they flew Mordechai ben David, the King of Jewish music, to the Midwest to entertain a terminally ill patient. Or the time they brought a young adult struggling with illness on a private cruise with Yehuda Green. Or the patient whose dream to meet President Barack Obama was made into a reality by Misameach.

It is stories like these that have garnered Misameach nationwide respect. A phone call from acclaimed lawyer and former Chief of Staff Marc Levin; a letter from national radio host Glen Beck; the list goes on and on. Doctors and nurses at all the major hospitals Misameach frequents have voiced their approval many times over, saying the regular visits help their patients in the healing process.

Misameach’s regular services include weekly visits to hospitals and patients’ homes, family outings, birthday parties, live music and entertainment, magicians, professional clowns, arts-and-crafts activities, and fully-stocked kosher DVD libraries. Misameach was founded in Lakewood, NJ in 2008, and currently services New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Boston; and occasionally Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Detroit; with plans to expand their loving reach. As their motto has always been, they are on a mission to keep “Spreading smiles”.

You have the power to help them continue in their mission. Become a part of their success. (Donations to Misameach can be made on their website.)

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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