Miracle in Beer Sheva: Or’el’s First Words: “Shema Yisroel!”


orelJust over a month ago the prognosis was very grim. After being hit with shrapnel from a Grad missile three days before the end of “Operation Cast Lead”, Or’el Iliezrov’s survival chances were slim at best. The doctors themselves voiced extreme pessimism. But then Am Yisroel pulled through with what they do best – they davened to the Ribbono Shel Olam. They opened their hearts and cried out for a Refuah Shleima for Or’el Ben Angela. And indeed, Hashem has been answering the tefi llos. Last week Shuvu’s supervisor Mrs. Brocha Weinberger spent a day with the Iliezrovs, at the Alyn Children’s Rehabilitation Center where Or’el is currently undergoing his treatments. As Mrs. Weinberger relayed later, “I had the tremendous zechus to witness a miracle and Kiddush Hashem at the same time!”

As she entered the ward in the morning she found Or’el sitting in a wheelchair enjoying his breakfast. He was drinking Ensure with a straw on his own; in itself tremendous progress.
A n g e l a Iliezrov then told Mrs. Weinberger that although Or’el is not yet able to formulate words in order to speak, nonetheless he might be able to sing along should he hear others singing, being that other brain functions are then in use. Mrs. Weinberger responded, “If so, let’s sing! Let’s daven together!” She promptly proceeded to sing Shema Yisroel to him. Miraculously, Or’el joined in! Stunned and shocked, she then sang
Modeh Ani and Birchos Hashachar – and again Or’el sang along! The parents and Mrs. Weinberger were stunned and shocked. Nurses came running into the room to hear for themselves as Or’el’s voice permeated the air. His father Avi ran for his video camera to be able to document the miraculous moment!

This is a Shuvu student. He had been in a coma for 4 weeks and had not spoken
for 5 weeks. But when he was finally able to open his mouth his first words were “Shema Yisroel!” Mrs. Weinberger reported that there was not a dry eye in the entire ward. All who witnessed the miracle broke down in tears.

Avi Iliezrov then told the gathering that in the zechus of Or’el he now puts on Tefillin daily and became Shomer Shabbos! Avi and Angela both revealed that their decision to send Or’el to Shuvu was in order to have him teach them Yiddishkeit. “Whatever we know today, is from Or’el.”

Mrs. Marmorsoh, Or’el’s teacher at the Shuvu Be’er Sheva School also joined the visit and brought pictures of all the children in their class.

Or’el recognized each and every child and said his name clearly. Shuvu is one big family. All of the schools of the network spread out across the country have been saying
Tehillim intensively for the past month and a half. In each of the schools a special bulletin board has been erected with Or’el’s name on top. Under his name are listed the names of all the students in the school and what they took upon themselves as a zechus for Or’el.
It is clear that Or’el’s recovery is not natural. The doctors themselves have no medical explanation for the great strides Or’el is making towards his full recovery, and all have to admit that it is Yad Hashem. It is the Tehillim and Davening which brought about this tremendous miraculous Kiddush Hashem.

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