‘Miracle’ Catch: Jewish 9-Year-Old Saves Falling Baby Brother


A South Florida boy grabs an infant as he toppled off a changing table.




  1. things happen. what i dont understand–if mom was taking care of her kids, what was she doing with a camera in her hand? instead of grabbing her child, she videoed it? something is wrong here

  2. Tremendous story. Tremendous Kiddush Hashem displayed by the Mother AND her son. She responded in the perfect way. She was marbeh kvod shomayim. She praised hashem. Mother and son took the message to heart. With a name like Tehilla Levy, she is most probably Jewish. Now she just has to open her eyes and realize that everything is a miracle, from opening her eyes in the morning to taking her first step, etc…
    The boy is a real special kid.
    B”H the TV station did an excellent job reporting. No attack on HKBH. It was an upbeat positive story. What a pleasant surprise.
    P.S. she needs to get a much better changing table. There is no guardrail and the baby is too big for that changing table.

  3. Do you people watch the video??
    The son is wearing a yarmulke and tzitzis. She says she believes in a G-D. The camera is obviously a nanny cam/security camera that caught the video. It shows later on the mother standing near the child and then stepping a foot away!

  4. Your headline is a bit of a stretch. Let’s not make this into another “immaculate reception” by Franco Harris.
    Wow, what a team those Stealers were. Great memories.

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