Millions Face Thanksgiving Travel Delays


trafficMillions of Thanksgiving travelers in the East and South Tuesday and Wednesday will face trouble as a storm brings most areas rain but could also bring heavy snow to a narrow swath. Much of the rest of the nation will be dry.

The same storm affecting the Southwest and Texas with snow, ice and rain this weekend will reach the Southeast with rain Tuesday. From there the storm will turn up the East Coast, tracking into colder air, perhaps causing even greater travel disruptions through Wednesday.

According to COO Evan Myers, “If the storm hugs the coast and develops to its full potential, it could be a flight nightmare, not only for travelers in the East, but also throughout the nation.”

Read more at AccuWeather.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Where is everyone traveling to? They are obviously traveling to someone who IS staying home. In other words, there are millions of people staying home. This reminds me of Shabbos Nachamu. Where is “the everybody is leaving town” people? Whoever is “traveling”, means they’re going somewhere where someone is staying home. I’m all confused! WHERE IS EVERYBODY GOING?


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