Millennials Tip Less Than Older Generations


New research found that almost 40 percent of millennials believe tipping is optional and that nearly half want to ban it altogether.

A new survey by found that U.S millennials (a population the company defined more broadly than most demographists would, as being between ages 18 and 37) are the poorest tippers: 10 percent routinely leave no tip; nearly one in three leaves less than a 15 percent tip and one in six millennials says they regularly choose the lowest preset tipping option, while nearly one in five gives no tip when presented these choices.

“In looking at the whole picture it appears [millennials] lack the basic social skill of proper tipping protocol,” says Jacquelyn Youst, president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol. “Tipping, like any other social skill, is a learned behavior, taught either by a person from an older generation or through life experience.”

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ing,” says Youst.


  1. I think USA should do like most other countries and include the service in the bill.
    Then, the customer would tip only for exceptionally outstanding service, and the establishment itself would pay the waiters for everything else.

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