‘Middle East Peace Is My Life’s Mission’: Prince William’s Pledge After Israel Visit


Prince William has pledged to make peace in the Middle East his “lifelong project” after his historic trip to the region, THE MIRROR reports.

The 36-year-old father of three was so moved by the stories of those he met – especially the suffering endured by youngsters – he even personally rewrote half an official speech to reflect his own feelings. Now the former military pilot has made it his mission to campaign for a “just and lasting peace”.

A highly-placed Palace source told the Sunday Mirror that the Duke is determined to solve the region’s long-simmering mutual hostility – a problem which has stumped a series of world leaders.

Before the visit, unsure of how he would be received, he asked aides to brief him closely on the labyrinthine politics that have doomed previous attempts at peace to failure. And as the trip ended he told them: “This is the start of something new. I will forever honour my commitments to the people I have met.”

An insider revealed: “The politicians who affect this younger generation’s lives may only be in office for five, 10 or 20 years – but William knows his duty is for life.”

Tradition dictates that royals stay neutral rather than entering the political landscape at home or abroad. But sources say William wants to play a significant role in bringing “peace and prosperity” to the Middle East and intends to use his global platform as a force for good in the region. Read more at THE MIRROR.


  1. Williams who didn’t have the courage to meet the mayor of Jerusalem in Jerusalem should be the last person Israel should give a hoot as peace maker.
    He didn’t need to go to Israel to hear “the stories of those he met – especially the suffering endured by youngsters,” he could have read them in Fake News in his own country.
    Williams, Israel’s advice to you and anti-Semites like you to stay home and mind your own business.

  2. Yeh yeh yeh. Join the list of thousands of others whose main concern in life is to bring peace between the Israeli secular government and the wild Palestinians. Obama & Kerry promised us they would accomplish the feat. They even won the coveted Nobel Peace prize.


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