Middle East Donald Duck ‘Quaks’ For Israel To Be ‘Demolished’ On Twitter


donald-duckWael Mansour, the man behind the Arabic voice of the Middle East version of Donald Duck, called for Israel to be “demolished.”

“I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside me with every single child they murder or land they seize!” Mansour posted on Twitter.

“I don’t know why insulting #Israel & #Zionism is ‘Anti-Semitic’?! They are just a bunch of Polish/Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old,” he also posted.

When reached directly by The Algemeiner, Mansour added that the “Zionist entity is a racist entity by definition.”

“[Zionism is] performing crimes of hate by the power of its criminal law. I stand firm by what I said,” Mansour said.

Source: JNS.ORG.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Donald Duck should sue Mansour
    for defmation of Donald’s characher and for unathorized distortion of his public image!
    I know Donald to be a sincere
    supporter of Israel.
    Daffy Duck


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