Michael Savage Slams Orthodox Jewish Rabbis For Attending Obama Chanukah Party At The White House


michael-savageBy Yechezkel Gordon

Michael Savage, the well-known conservative talk radio host, had some harsh words for the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who attended the annual Chanukah party at the White House last week together with President Obama.

On his show this past Friday (December 9th), which is syndicated across the U.S. in over 400 markets and heard by 8-10 million listeners a week, Mr. Savage wanted to know what deal these rabbis received for attending the party with Obama and, “which sect of hasidim went there as quislings, to sell Israel down the river,” singling out Satmar and Lubavitch.

He started off criticizing the President for celebrating Chanukah two weeks early, saying Obama would never disrespect a Muslim holiday like that. But what really got him going was an off the cuff joke that Obama made at the celebration. Obama joked that he would give a kiss and a hug to everyone in attendance except for the rabbis with the whiskers.

“Why wouldn’t he ever say that to the guys with whiskers who practice Islam? Anyone have an answer to that? Anything with Muslims and Islam there like grim faced in the White House, they follow it to a tea, like they walk on glass.” He continued, “But with Jews it’s two weeks early, we’ll light all the candles (and) we’ll joke about you guys with beards. Alright come on up, let’s break some Matzoh together. But sir it’s not Passover? Never mind, come on have some Manischewitz, we like a good party over here ha ha ha.”

That’s when he turned his anger away from Obama and redirected it towards the Rabbis that attended.

“What do the Rabbis get for this, the guys with the whiskers, what deal did they get for going there? I don’t get this because most Orthodox Jews are pretty conservative. Don’t they understand that Obama is the most anti-Israel president in history? So who are these quisling Rabbis who were there with the black coats? Which sect of Hasidim was there? Is there a Hasidic Jew listening? Which sect of Hasidim went there as quislings to sell Israel down the river? Anyone know? I don’t know who the guys with the whiskers were. Was it the Satmars, was it the Lubavitch, was it another group I never heard of?”

Apparently, Mr. Savage didn’t realize that Orthodox Jews don’t listen to the radio or make phone calls on Shabbos, which starts at sunset on Friday. Thus, no one called in to respond to these comments that he made during the first hour of his Friday show, which airs from 6-9pm eastern time.

Finally, Savage dared his audience to report him to the ADL for his remarks.

“Go ahead, call up the ADL and see if I care, a lot of good they’ve ever done for me. They’re not there when you need them, and they’re there when you don’t need them. That’s all.”

Listen to Savage’s comments below beginning at minute 22:

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  1. He is correct on all accounts. Maybe what needs to be highlighted is the dangers of Obama-ism and liberal idiology (and Dems) in general, is not limited to Isreal. The dangers to living frum outwardly is that we are always far too close to loosing freedoms. Remember, we lost rights to bear arms in Germany soon before the full rise of the 3rd reich. How far are we to performing the crime of circumcision?
    Modeling out democratic ideals leads to oppression to the Jews – again…

  2. Savage’s “rebbe” was the infamous Allen Ginsberg.

    No matter how bad or cynical a President of the United States is, it pays to have some lines of communication.

  3. What do we care what this guy thinks? He’s a radio entertainer, simply an upscale version of Rush Limbaugh. Is he a posek? Does he have smichah? Is he an Orthodox Jew himself?

    With all the commentators we have of our own, why are we listening to a secular, mainstream media entertainer?

  4. “Is he an Orthodox Jew himself?”

    Is this Michael Savage (né Weiner) even Jewish at all?

    He may walk the walk, but does he (still) talk the talk? When did he last make up a minyan? When did her last have his tefilin checked – assuming he even owns a pair?

  5. Dr. Savage has the guts to say things noone else will. He is the most independent thinker on the radio today, is not in the back pocket of Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, or Conservatives. He calls ’em like he sees ’em, and I like that. As usual, he is correct on this.

  6. why are we allowed to listen to this chillul shabbos?

    this is a straight halachic question.

    unless he is the west coast,maybe?

  7. I don’t listen to talk radio or watch TV mainly because I just don’t have the time for these things.

    This Savage guy is 100% correct from a political standpoint and from an objective standpoint as well.

    Why, as Orthodox Jews, do we mingle with those who mock us, those that are antagonistic, to say the least and those who oppose us to such a degree as the current resident of the White House.

    During a discussion with my Chavrusa I posed this question to him. He replied: “We mingle with our powerful enimies because they control the “purse strings”. I asked him if his grandchildren ask him about it will he answer: “We sold our Torah Values and self respect for monay!” He had no answer.

  8. No one seems to learn. We only recently went through a similar event. When representatives of the Jewish community attended the party of Achasverous. Let us pray that is were the similarity ends.


  10. Savage is Jewish, grew up in the Bronx but inst religious. Also he’s based on San Francisco so it may have been Shabbos in NYC but not necessarily by him.

  11. All valid points brought up by Mr. Savage.
    Whichever group this was, (and I think we all know the answer) bottom line is, this show of “friendship” to Hussein Obama is not very different at all from the Neturei Karta meeting with Arafat.
    Chasidic-looking folk meeting with Arab heads of state.

  12. I’ll never understand how and why
    michael Savage became the ‘Daas torah’ for frumme yidden , and people are busy with every ‘narishe’
    thing he says.
    He says nice things sometimes so we get all excited. Ultimately his ‘daas’ is less than “daas baal habayis”. The guy is ZERO,irrelevant

  13. This guy has a talent for speaking words of emes among the sheker. His speeches need triaging. Chanukah is not a mini-xmas, with our demanding equal time for our holiday in the White House as recognition of our (and its) worth. I don’t agree with his assessment of the rabbis, but the rest of it sure sounds true.

  14. “not very different at all from the Neturei Karta meeting with Arafat”

    Seriously?! Do you know anything at all about Arafat?

    I’ll bet you would go to the White House if you were invited.

  15. Yes, I know a bit about Arafat…
    Arafat is an arab… so is Hussein Obama
    Arafat sought acceptance in the arab world… so did Hussein Obama – as his FIRST international gesture
    Arafat wanted Yerushalayim as the palestinian capital… so does Hussein Obama
    Arafat caused the death of many innocent Yidden… by his support of the arab cause and his consistenly throwing Israel under the bus, so did Hussein Obama.

    Except that Hussein Obama is possibly more dangerous than Arafat. At least Arafat was open in his feelings… Hussein Obama does things on the sly, through “correct political” posturing to raise his low immage and to boost his low self-esteem.

    And as president of the USA, he has probably inflicted more damage on Israel than Arafat ever did, and he has probably put more Yidden in danger than Arafat ever did.

    And yes, again, if invited, I would go to the white house… but I would be well prepared to voice my intellegent opinions and not “brown nose” Hussein.


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