Audio: Michael Savage Lavishes Praise On Frum Girls He Met


michael-savage[Audio below.] On Monday, July 12, radio host and conservative political commentator Michael Savage discussed a recent encounter he had with a few frum counselors he had met at a Shabbos dinner in California. Savage is effusive in his praise of the girls, their religious lifestyle, and their faith in G-d.

Michael Savage, whose real name is Michael Alan Weiner, is the host of The Savage Nation, a nationally syndicated talk show that airs throughout the United States on Talk Radio Network. The Savage Nation has 3rd largest audience of 8 to 10 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States, making it the 3rd most listened to radio talk show in the country.

Click below to listen to his remarks about the frum lifestyle. Thank you to Lucky Wolf of Gruntig for providing with the audio:

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  1. I think that we have to recognize reality and the need for chanifa and hakaras hatov. Yet I’m a big aghast at steering anyone toward listening to Mr. Savage, because people won’t stop at this soundbite.

  2. If he is so impressed, why doesn’t he do teshuva? Since he has so many listeners, it would make a kiddush Hashem, like Uri Zohar.

  3. First it makes no difference where girls are from if they are frum and they behave properly it is a kiddush hashem and secondly its not a “haskama” we need its even someone like this guy knows the difference between right and wrong. It’s time we realize the way we dress and act reflect who we are and that is not very positive, the dresses today are disgusting and the way these young ones act is even worse.

  4. Grandma: It’s called giving credit where it is due. If they were girls from Shulamith or Tomer Devorah, Shaarei Torah or Beis Yaakov, Vizhnitz or Belz, the news item should say so.

  5. yes we sometimes feel that we are looked upon as fanatics, but an open minded person says it well you can “feel” g-d in their presence.
    why not make sure that this is what we project. if we daven and learn that’s what we will be felt around us.
    such a good point for erev tisha ba’av

  6. #9. I still haven’t been able to get used to the horrible English spelling and grammar on all these websites, but now it’s in Lashon Kodesh too! Unless you’re discussing the seasons and I’m missing something!

  7. What a pity that a guy like Micheal Savage, who happens to be “brilliant” can’t accept for himself a minute part of his beautiful heritage. I mean, if he really appreciates Hashem and the connection we have to him, Mr. Savage….how about spending a real shabbos, observing it yourself and see what it will do to “your” soul…..! The man could be a scholar, he is bright, has a great memory, all the attributes you need to become a great “BAAL TSHUVA” AND INSPIRE OTHERS….

  8. We should take praise from a person who called autistic children “moron”? Let him not speak about us, good or bad.

  9. Why can’t you accept him (Michael Savage)as he is? When the Nazi’s checked for your Jewishness they did not ask if you were wearing Tzitis. It is quite possible that this man who is not observant maybe more truly religious than a person who does all the right things yet is immoral. It is not for Man to be the judge. There is one Dayan Emet and that is the Ribbono Shel Olam. Our role is to love and be shining example of what a Mamlechet Kohanim Vi Goy Kadosh can achieve.

  10. Of course we do not need his ‘haskama…’ but we sometimes get so wrapped up in discussing our community’s many challenges that we need to hear something from an outside source reminding us what we are doing with our lives and how much we need to thank Hashem for giving us the lives we have.

  11. michael savage is probably checking out every comment on this story. he tweeted this matzav article on monday from his twitter account @savagenation

  12. To all the naysayers out here: You need to go back and learn how to be a jew. Here we have another jew commenting and complimenting and making a Kiddush Hashem, millions of people listen to him, his audience is vast……he speaks about our children’s purity and the beauty inherent in them…and all you can do is find something to knock him with????
    I listen to his program every day. Are there things that disturb me? Yes,of course. But if you want to inspire someone on the right path,the path you took by maligning him or saying we don’t need his haskama, is outright WRONG.Who said we are looking for his haskama? He is a tinik shenishbor and he has made a great Kiddush Hashem by publicly announcing the beauty and purity of our children! Instead of saying “Thank You”, Dr. Savage, you go and attack him personally by saying things that are out of place. One thing does not preclude the other. Someone does a nice thing…learn to appreciate it for what it is…I think Micheal gave the highest compliment to our children, praising their purity and aren’t we supposed to be a light onto the nations, a voice in the darkness….? We are supposed to be a lesson to the world in the way we behave.So if someone compliments you, Say,”thank you”…
    Every yid has within him the spark of yiddishkeit, that “pintele yid” and you never know when and who will ignite it!!!!
    Please, yidden, if you ever notice someone doing something good, praise it…that is the derech…that is the way. Don’t look for faults and say that because such and such, who cares….We are not perfect specimen ourselves. We are all trying our best against all forces of evil….We fight the satan moment by moment. And according to the knowledge we have acquired….maybe we ought to take a good look at ourselves and re-evaluate where we are coming from and where we are. After all, it is Tisha B’uv today and the Beis Hamikdosh still isn’t standing. Maybe if we loved our fellow jew the way Hashem asked us to, by including and giving praise where necessary, we would find ourselves in a better spot….in the world….and in the eyes of Hashem.
    “Veuhavta Lereyacha Kumoicha” applies to all..
    Empty your heart of all the bigotry and learn to appreciate all people for the good inherent in them…..especially a fellow jew. And in the zechus of us loving each other, the way Hashem wanted us to, we will be zoiche to the Geula Sheleima Bekorov.
    Thank you…And
    Micheal….Thank you for your beautiful Words…Keep the flame alive!!!!!!

  13. It doesn’t matter how what when where who. The point is that its a kiddush hashem. Accept what he is saying & stop looking for reasons why you have to destroy it. Somethings dont need alot of commenting on.

  14. Let’s not discredit those that are not deep in our ‘inner circle’ – media people make the news – after all, you listened to Savage’s statements! And don’t we (in the ‘inner circle’) get chizuk from supportive comments made by ‘outsiders’ such as Plato, Napolean, or Mark Twain? Well, Michael Savage might just be on his way to coming deeper into the ‘inner circle’ (where he belongs) by our continuously making a Kedush HaShem, and that we may realize our mission in being ‘a light unto nations’.

  15. This clip is not meant to be used as a means to judge Michael Savage. It’s not so simple to just change your whole lifestyle based on one encounter. What we really need now is the kiruv orginization near him to try to engage him in some more learning. He may recognize the truth but the reality of making as complete turnaround is too daunting. We should use this as a lesson for ourselves that we are always being watched so we must ask appropriately at all times. And when we see a kiddush Hashem we should use it to inspire US to change ourselves for the better.

  16. Well spoken, PJ; dirocheha darkei noam…We are all sparks of the infinite flame, yet exist in a clay world, tasked with the endless burden of tikkun olam. Because the self, guf v’neshamah, is the only bit of creation that one can ever hope to truly control, the goal of perfecting oneself must be accomplished before we have right or duty to castigate the imperfections in others. We are all caught between good and evil, a fact remarkably highlighted by the angelic and bestial forces at war within Michael Savage’s own name; one can recognize the good in others and celebrate their contributions to the community without condoning that in their past which fails to warrant such favor.

  17. It is refreshing to be noticed when we do what is right in the eyes of Hashem.There is a wonderful catch phrase spoken very often these days, around children—–especially those with behavior issues. That phrase is “Catch them doing something right—–and praise them for it.” And that’s exactly what Mr. Savage did—–he caught the girls “doing something right—–and he praised them for it.” This was done on public radio for all of his listeners to hear.Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Let’s take pride in what he said and praise Michael Savage and recognize the fact that we need to praise Mr. Savage because we “caught him doing something right.”These young girls made a wonderful impression on him.It would be incredible if every frum Jew could do the same.

  18. I love his political views. He is also dead on about this. A believer, regardless of the affiliation, has a great thing in their life. Micheal Savage is a believer. We see from this story that he also yearns for purity. He is a good man, and has potential to find ohr shel torah.

  19. Thank you Michael Savage for everything you do! You’re a true good neshama (soul) with a heart of gold. It takes a special person to notice the special things about others, and it takes real depth and soul-searching to have realized the things you said on this clip- you’re right on the mark, as usual. Keep doing all that you’ve been doing!

  20. Savage is the best-and I say this as a Yeshiva person-His values and the things he espouses are VERY often in accordance with Torah values. He is a man who has an instinct for truth, honesty, good morals etc. He desreves our full support and he is a good friend of religious Jews.

  21. beautifully said #24. I also listen to Michael Savage and I adore him, even though I don’t agree with him all the time. Let us all work on Ahavas Chinum and stop huring each other.
    The Lubavitcher girls deserve praise for their fine actions and for creating a Kidush-Hashem.We should all try to emulate them in our daily lives. Yes, it hurts me when he talks about where and what he eats, but it’s not my job to judge him or anyone else. We are ALL G-D’s children and it’s “Avinu she-bashamayim” who truly knows a persons’ heart and mind.

  22. Mr. Savage, if you would become a baal t’shuva
    you would be worshiped in a different way that you are now. You could lead an unpredented movement. The respect that you would command would get you into an area reserved for people who speak the LORDS words not yours. A former principal of Jamaica HS just became a baal teshuva and he is looked upon as man above other men. When you wear it you find that you like the fit.

  23. We as Jewish girls, know and value the purity in our lives. However the pressure, and temptation for what the superficial and false world out there offers, still exists. Many young girls..and older ones too, want to be religious yet unfortunately feel the need to be “recognized” as “normal” by fitting into “their world”.We have to work on ourselves to feel proud of who we are, yet we are only human and objective positive reinforcement from that “outside world” that people might find enticing, is a boost of encouragement, reminding us what really makes us special. This should be a source of merit to Michael Savage, that g-d should send him the encouragement to help him strengthen the things that make him special.

  24. It would be a beautiful thing if this man became a baal teshuva but it is not expectede from a person who praises us to immediately abandon his way of life and become one of us! We wish and daven that he would but don’t write it like its a simple 1-2-3 solution! It is anything but!!


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