Michael Savage Gets Death Threats For Being A “Crypto Jew”


Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage has “changed locations” after a restaurant he frequents received a mass shooting threat for serving him.

“I DEMAND THAT YOU REFUSE TO ALLOW MICHAEL… IN YOUR (…) RESTAURANT AGAIN,” reads the threat, which was obtained by the Washington Times. “HE IS A RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST PIECE OF (…).”

The email goes on to refer to Savage as a “crypto Jew” who the sender plans to kill, along with turning the restaurant into a “shooting gallery” unless they refuse to serve him.

Savage told the Washington Times that while he has been a victim of death threats in the past, he took the latest scare “very seriously” and decided to “change locations” as a safety precaution. He said authorities “have a suspect they’re looking at.”


Read more at NY POST.



  1. Savage was born Michael Alan Weiner, in the Bronx, New York, one of three children of Benjamin and Rae Weiner, Jewish emigrants from Russia.

    Maybe now he’ll start going to a kosher restaurant, or just decide to forgo the treif restaurant scene altogether.

  2. Look yireh. Scary sntisemitism. Yes why does he go to restaurants to be popular. He is a jew. Be right. Only kosher places to eat. If every jew listened the world would have plenty of kosher dining.

    Because of reform. Brothers want to destroy brothers. We have cities with thousands of jews and no restaurants.

    Dire dreg of the damned. Welcome Savage.

    • Don’t bite the tongue that feeds you otherwise you’ll end up with a tongue sandwich. No yireh is right. Bad days are coming.


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