Michael Bloomberg Considering 2020 Presidential Run


Michael Bloomberg is revving up to run for president in 2020, making him both the oldest and richest person to seek the job.

Bloomberg considered running in 2016 as an Independent, but sources tell CBS2’s Political Reporter Marcia Kramer that if he runs in 2020, he would run as a Democrat.

A source close to the former three-term mayor says the move is fueled in part by regret that he didn’t stay in the race in 2016, because he feels he could have either won outright or prevented Donald Trump from winning.

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  1. He has a chance like a snowflake in the desert. Let the democRATs put him up and he will lose to Trump by a landslide.

  2. Bl$$mberg is a racist for even considering a run. How can he run against an African American female like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, to name a few?!

  3. Thank you for the good laugh. Bloomberg wants to die knowing he tried, even though he knows he has less chance than Oprah Winfrey for whom idiots might vote because she’s black and a woman.

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