Mexico Kills Cartel Leader Again


nazario-moreno-gonzalezMexican drug lord Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, better known as El Chayo – the craziest one – was gunned down and killed by Mexican authorities. At least, that’s what they are saying.

The report of his death would be a great victory for Mexico’s fight against the violent drug cartels, if the government hadn’t already claimed to have successfully killed Moreno in 2010.

Authorities never had strong physical evidence that El Chayo, who famously hurled the heads of five rival gang members onto a dance floor, was dead. There were many rumors that the government’s claim was false.

On Sunday, Mexican authorities faced the ultimate proof they were wrong: a living El Chayo. The government is a little more cautious today, explaining that while fingerprints confirm it is him, they are still awaiting DNA results. Read more at

{Andy Newscenter}


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    There are many ways – all brought down in Mesechtas Shushan.

    1- Since the gov can kill anyone it wishes, it’s considered a malchus. So they made a tnai that one minute before he’s killed, he becomes hefker – therefore he wasn’t him when killed.

    2- His wife learnt in YCT, became a maharat, & therefore he instantly became chairem. So the bullets that were fired at him had no halachic heter to enter his body.

    3- He became a mishichist – therefore never died.

    4- Lapid was behind it.

    5- Of course there’s the non-lumdishe reason: SHOCHAT (you know, GELT).

    Ah Frieliche Purim!!!!!!!!!!!


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