Mexican President to Trump: My Nation ‘Demands Respect’


Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday condemned President Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

“Mexico offers and demands respect, like the completely sovereign nation that we are,” he said. “Mexico does not believe in walls.” Nieto emphasized, once again, that his country “will not pay for a wall.” He added, “I regret and reproach the decision of the United States to build a wall that for many years, far from uniting us, has divided us.” In a televised interview on Wednesday night, Trump said that the wall will begin construction “in months” and that Mexico will reimburse taxpayers “at a later date.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. By respect does he mean to say that anybody who wants to come to the US illegally should be allowed to tell him we also demand respect and that means respecting our borders

  2. Maybe Mexico should respect the United States and take better care of their own citizens that they don’t have to escape from their own country plus let all the criminals go free so they can have empty jail cells. Maybe start with that and then maybe there can be mutual respect between 2 countries and mutual respect between borders. That would be the first step.

  3. Manyyana, Pedro!
    First take back our undesirables and then we can talk respect!
    First our borders and our land need to be respected!
    My tax dollars shouldn’t be going to educate your Manuels and your Enriques and then we can talk respect!

  4. Cut out the drugs, bribes, govt corruption and earn the respect. After that the US will respect Mexico. How can you expect respect from others when you don’t respect yourself?

  5. How does your nation demand respect, when every national would do anything to run away from it? The Mexicans themselves have zero respect for their own country and its government.

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