Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim: ‘We Will Continue to Invest in Israel’


carlos-slim-heluThe world’s second-wealthiest man, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, said he plans to continue to invest in Israel, particularly in the healthcare and telecoms industry, after investing in Israeli photo and video-sharing platform Mobli earlier this month, Israel’s Globes business daily reported late on Thursday.

“We will continue to invest in Israel. We have nothing concrete at the moment, and we’re focusing on strengthening our investment in Mobli Ltd., but we will definitely continue to invest. As far as we’re concerned, everything is open,” Slim said. Three weeks ago, Slims’s América Móvil led a $60 million round of investment in Mobli. As part of the deal, Mobli will get distribution with the mobile carrier’s 246 million mobile subscribers in 18 countries.

Speaking to reporters, Slim said, “We have not targeted any specific company, but every field is possible. We’re especially interested in the healthcare industry and telecommunications, but I do not rule out finances or retail. We’re very open to anything that moves innovation forward.”

The billionaire’s attention to Israel came as part of a business conference organized in concert with Israeli President Shimon Peres’s state visit to Mexico.

Slim, whose family emigrated to Mexico from Lebanon, would not comment directly to reporters when or if he planned to visit Israel, personally. However, at a working meeting with Peres, Slim said, “I am excited by the invitation and I would be pleased to visit Israel.”

His son, Carlos Slim, Jr., 46, an heir-apparent to the Slim’s empire, told Globes that “Mexico could be a very interesting target for investment by Israeli companies. There are also possibilities for Israeli companies to link up with Mexican companies and joint develop activity.”

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  1. Slim was born in Mexico City, making him a natural-born Mexican Citizen. But his family did indeed come from Lebanon; they were Maronite (Catholic) Christians.

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