Message for the Cleveland Jewish Community: The Future of America is In Your Hands


vote[Video below.] As we find ourselves so close to a monumental election in 2012, rabbonim and members from the Cleveland Jewish Community share their thoughts and insights, encouraging everyone to get out and vote.

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Message for the Cleveland Jewish Community – The Future of America is In Your Hands from Local JewishNews on Vimeo.

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  1. Get out and vote as a bloc for ROMNEY. The frum Chicago/Skokie community has joined together as a bloc for ROMNEY. Get out and VOTE ROMNEY, the only candidate who respects the freedom of religion.

  2. “The Future of America is In Your Hands”?!?

    I think that the future of America, and the rest of the world, is in the hands of Hashem, not in the hands of the Cleveland community!

  3. And pennsylvania, and colorado and Wisconsin, and even if you don’t live in a swing state, your vote is enormously important! We can’t afford 4 more years of the desecration of our values perpetrated by the liberals in government.

  4. #2, Hashem created this world to do only good, and any bad that happens is ALWAYS a result of mans actions. I think sources are well known.

    #4, The reason Rav Chaim’s photo is appropriate, is because he too always made the same appeal when the elections came around.

  5. #5, “Hashem created this world to do only good” is true. We just do not know what is ultimately good and what is bad.

    “Bad is a result of mans actions”. That’s true. But those actions are Torah and Mitzvos, not necessarily voting in this election.

    If we deserve it, we will get whats is best for us. If we do not deserve it, we will still get what is best for us, but it might not be what we would like to be best for us!

  6. Sure it’s beyad Hashem….It’s SO important to be a sheliach of Yad Hashem—VOTE for Romney so we can have our country back!! We have to do our hishtadlus and not sit back and say Hashem will do it for us!?!? PLEASE tell your neighbors how important it is!! Obama told people to vote for REVENGE!?!?! Romney–a mensche said vote for LOVE OF COUNTRY!!!

  7. Ohio is a swing state and very important
    If the Jewish community comes out in mass to vote for Romney that may very well get him elected. Since they have the opportunity to do so it is their obligation as well.Vote Romney.

  8. Come on DETROIT frum community. Band together as a bloc and vote ROMNEY. Michigan polling a lot closer than believed. You CAN make a difference. Vote with achdus for ROMNEY.

  9. lev hamelech b’yad hashem.ein somchin al hanes.hishtadlus is almost always needed. that being said,if one threatens the safety of am yisroel and we dont protest then we are responsable for our own inaction.
    to #12 either you have ruach hakodesh or you are a self hating yid.

  10. listen cleveland, your browns cant do it, your cavs never did it, the indians almost did it, most dont remember the richfield hockey team the barons who never did a thing, nows your chance to go on the winning score charts. get out on tuesday , after lunch by kinneret {hi gloria } and vote !

  11. attention everyone in all swing states
    u hav the chance to show what we as jews value
    1. our brothers in israel are in danger-romney is a suppoerter of israel
    2. the current administration supports same gender marriage, an obomination
    3. the current administratrion supports murder and will use ur tax money to help murder unborn children the world came from onw person each child killed is a world killed
    the romney ryan ticket will outlaw this murder
    4.terrorism has grown al quida has grown to 2500 members from 1000 in four years! it has spread to 20 more countries

  12. The honor of the Frum community is at stake in this election. Will we side with those who support traditional values and a strong support of Israel? Or will we vote for the Democrats and thus show approval for their war on traditional religion and hostility towards Israel? We need to show that Jews support traditional marriage and a strong Israel!


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