Merkel Promises to Allow Brisos in Germany


bris-milahYidden in Germany will be able to continue to perform brisos, an aide to German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a letter today, despite a court ruling deeming the practice illegal, reports Haaretz.

As reported here on, in June, a district court in Cologne deemed circumcision illegal, saying they constituted physical harm against newborn babies and is defined as “irreversible damage against the body.” The court stated that freedom of religion and the rights of the parents of the circumcised cannot justify the practice itself.

In a letter, reports Haaretz, Dr. Rufolf Teuwsen, the head of the unit Liaison with Churches and Religious Communities at the Chancellor’s Office, said Merkel vowed to allow Jews to continue performing bris milah, stating that the “German government sees a special obligation to nurture the Jewish culture and religion.”

{Noam Newscenter}


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