Melissa Mark-Viverito Elected NYC Council Speaker


nys-albanyMelissa Mark-Viverito, an ally of Mayor Bill de Blasio, was elected speaker of the New York City Council today after rival for the position conceded.

The 51-member body voted unanimously for Mark-Viverito, who becomes the first Hispanic person to hold the speaker’s job.

Mark-Viverito is one of the most liberal members of the council and was an early supporter of de Blasio’s mayoral bid.

The speaker is considered the second-most powerful post in city government and has the ability to speed up or obstruct the mayor’s agenda.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Another political payoff to spend our tax money for left-wing foolishness. The job was originally created to give a job for an election loser; there is no need for the job, which should be done by city council members who have a budget for staff to work on “public advocate” issues. As I have said, DeBlasio ”pulled an Obama’ on us.

  2. It is a sick reality this state and country are turning into. The fiscal irresponsibility of the leftist is hard to believe. Soon, they will raise minimum wage to $20 an hour, for now, and erase all incentive to work hard. Then, unfortunately, they won’t have anyone’s money to take from anymore to fund this unsustainable inflation. Bankruptcy and anarchy here we come. I think we should move the Jewish community to Texas, a state with right-wing values.


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