Melania’s Lawyer Compares The First Lady To Esther Hamalka


First Lady Melania Trump’s lawyer compared her to the Esther Hamalka from the Megillah, calling her “a first lady of the first order.”

According to Michael Wildes, Melania has been able to soften the policies of President Trump.

“Mrs Trump – much like the biblical Esther – is an immigrant and has the ear of the President. I’ve seen this personally in the handling of the separating children at the border and so forth.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Modest woman. Replaced hate slave immodest cradle murdering Obama’s wife.

    No modesty the highest office? Death to the whole world.

    Proud to have decency. Republicans get it.

    And we will see the humane give us faith. Esther of the blessing to be popular among the orthodox jews I think. We like.

    • How’s that, troll? Does it bother you that the economy is great? And that unemployment is the lowest in about 50 years? Or because he’s against stopping illegals, including terrorists, from entering America, and is against the murdering of babies?


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