Mehadrin Bus Lines Kept Under Wraps


The Tel Aviv District Court authorized the registration of a 700 million shekels class action suit against the Egged bus company. First submitted in 2011, the class action suit argues that Egged failed to publicize mehadrin separate gender lines at its information center or internet site in order to hide them from the wider public.

“Traveling on mehadrin lines saves 30-50% of a journey’s cost compared to regular lines…,” the appeal stated. “The information was covered up and only known to consumers who were party to the secret and who could ask for the information or type the specific details of the mehadrin line into the Egged system.”

Egged lost nothing by making the lines cheaper because they run at prime times when every seat is filled.

{ Israel}


  1. Another case of Zionist propaganda and fake news. All of the so called Mehadrin bus schedules are on the Egged’s website and on Moveit, a popular transit app used by 95% of all Israelis. As well, the real reason for the lower costs is that these bus routes don’t originate or terminate at a bus station, so there is no building maintenance fee associated with the trip. Finally, these lines are not rally Mehadrin in any sense of the word, as each bus has a sign clearly stating that anyone can choose any seat s/he prefer.


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