Megyn Kelly, NBC Under Fire Over ‘Sickening’ Alex Jones Interview


NBC News and Megyn Kelly are under fire on social media for giving airtime to far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In the past, Jones has claimed that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.” He also said the parents of the 20 students murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 were actors and the deaths of the children as well as six school employees were all faked.

Kelly previewed her interview with Jones on Sunday. The full episode airs June 18 on her new show. Read more at Huffington Post.




  1. It is not far fetched to claim that the 9/11 was an inside job. Just go on U tube and watch the videos. Flight 93: why wasn’t there any debris that one normally sees at a plane crash. All one sees is a hole. Very unusual. Crash at the Pentagon: again where is the debris? Just another hole. WTC: when the buildings fell it looked like a demolition. And why was building 7 pulled.?? The building was intact and it takes many weeks or months to prepare a demolition. But it was demolished on the same day of the attack. Very fishy.

  2. One thing is clear, NO plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. There is absolutely no evidence. No pictures. No videos. No surveillance cameras. Nothing. By the world Trade Center, there are videos & pictures, public and private. By the Pentagon, NOTHING! The explosion by the Pentagon happened from INSIDE the building, not the outside. Before you call me crazy, study it yourself. Research what really happened by the Pentagon before you reduce yourself to name calling. Google it. The wonderful government under George Bush, which you dummies think was the greatest thing since sliced bread, was clearly in on the cover-up. Military industrial complex.
    Why did the US Government attack Iraq after the “events” that took place on 9/11? Iraq had nothing to do with the alleged terrorists involved. Al-Qaeda was not in Iraq or being sponsored by Iraq. The alleged terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, Bush’s freinds. Till today, NOTHING was done to Saudi Arabia. Not Bush, not Obama, not Trump. We bend down to them. The Saudis own us. Trump is beholden to them. Trump is such a phony sissy. He talks tough but he is petrified of Muslim terrorists and Arabs. He is worse than Obama in this regard. Why won’t he hold Saudi Arabia responsible????

    • Good point. The media never lies. If they feed you something, it is obviously the truth. We must make judgments based on emotions, not facts. The mainstream media cares about you and loves you as an individual. Always keep that in mind. The media is fighting selflessly for your benefit.

    • Sad to say it’s you who’s in a fantasy world if you believe the lies of the government. It’s very sad that the US govt plummeted so low with their involvement in this very huge tragedy. Do you know any passengers killed in any of the planes? If you’ll think into the 9/11 attack you’ll come to realize yourself that aluminum planes cannot smash into steel structures and then cause the entire building of over 100 floors to collapse to ground zero. It’s impossible. There’s no doubt it was an inside job well prepared with bombs and explosives. If you read the confession posted by a commentator above and learn the depth of the US govt corruption you’ll realize who’s detached from reality.

  3. The only thing I find fake that took place that day is, there is no way those people on that plane that allegedly went down in Pennsylvania, we’re able to have these long conversations on their cell phones. They claim to have had conversations with their spouses. You can NEVER get cellphone reception on an airplane in 2001! Never! Even today, it is impossible to get cellphone reception on an airplane while it’s flying.


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