Meghan McCain: ‘I’m Never Going to Forgive’ President Trump’s Attacks Father John McCain


Megan McCain made her feelings clear about the way President Donald Trump repeatedly attacks her father, Sen. John McCain, over the weekend.

On Friday, McCain accepted the Lyndon B. Johnson Liberty and Justice for All award in Texas on behalf of her father, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2017. She said she remains angry about the way Trump talks about her father.

“[Trump’s] comments are never going to be OK with me, especially at this moment in my life. I’m never going to forgive it,” the co-host of ABC’s The View said on stage. “I’m never going to move on from it.”

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  1. Well I am never going to forgive McCain for all the problems he has caused oh I forgot he is a hero because he was captured so what why does that make him an authority on anything

  2. Boo hoo!

    And “I” am probably never going to forgive John McCain for single-handedly forcing Obamacare on every one of us.

  3. When someone enters the filthy sleazy world of politics, they darn well know what they’re getting to. This naive lady thinks this is the first time any political opponent said something hurtful?

  4. What about the reverse, what has McCain said about the president which is not very complimentary and sometimes down right offensive?? I am not a great Trump fan but some things they have said things about him, if said to any one else, they would have sued for liable. But they realize politics is politics and it seems anything goes until it starts sticking on them.

  5. She is fine. My bets are Ms. Palin is her problem. Not the president.

    The resting rate of hardship rose when Obama got elected. Now McCain dies with Hillary branding us degenerate. Please. This young Ms. McCain has to work. Get fiscal, not truant. The constitution was not favored by a woman to be added to a ticket by gross bother feminine pride.

    McCains mistake

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