Mega Millions Director: This Is The First Thing The Winner Should Do


The head of the Mega Millions on Monday revealed the very first thing the potential winner of the game’s historic $1.6 billion jackpot should do — sign the ticket and keep a low profile.

The simple, yet sage, advice came from Gordon Medenica, the game’s lead director and director of the Maryland lottery.

“Sign the ticket! Because keep in mind that little slip of paper is a billion-dollar bill — imagine that,” Medenica said on NBC’s “Today.”

“Get some good advice, get a good financial adviser, good lawyer, tax accountant, all that. Get your affairs in order. You’ve got between six months and 12 months to come and claim the ticket.”


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  1. my own 2 cents;
    to understand what a billion is imagine a krm/moishes box filled with packs of hundreds like you get in the bank ,now 600 BOXES is a billion ( 600 boxes is more than a tractor trailer
    take the 20 year payout
    its fun to dream
    ther are quite a number of frum families that B’H are worth that much
    hashem gives schar on a machshavah tova

    • Yeh, but let’s say the guy drops dead after a year or two? Would he or his family lose the rest of the money? A lump sum you get right away so the family has the cash on hand even if he’s killed or kidnapped.

  2. I might wake up early and go running a few miles or I might wake up a lottery winner. The odds of either happening are about the same.

  3. Actually, the first thing you do once you get the money, is set aside מעשר, just find out how much. A wealthy person is supposed to give not more than a fifth (20%) but 80% of $2 billion is still staggering.

    • well the cash option is around $904m. minus 45% tax, (federal and state), leaves you with around $500m.
      maaser would be around $50m
      the 30 years option gives you around $900m which come to $90m in maaser.
      maybe it is better to take that option. the maaser is almost doubled.

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