Meeting Netanyahu, Obama Says Two-State Solution Is Possible


netanyahu-obamaIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu met with President Barack Obama today at the White House. Speaking to the press, Obama said that there is strong bipartisan support for Israel’s security and that the two-state solution is still possible.

Obama praised Netanyahu’s intensive efforts in the talks and reiterated his commitment to assuring Iran does not become a nuclear power.

For his part, the Netanyahu said Israel is doing its part to pursue peace, but the Palestinians haven’t. The Israeli leader said he regrets that.

Netanyahu also said the greatest challenge is Iran’s nuclear program. He said he’ll do, in his words, “whatever I must do to defend the Jewish state.”

An Israeli official said prior to the meeting of the two leaders that “there are tensions between the two. Obama’s interview (with Bloomberg) heightened tensions.”

Upon arriving in the US, Netanyahu said that “the tango in the Middle East needs at least three. For years there have been two – Israel and the US. It remains to be seen if the Palestinians are also present.”

Obama passed a subtle threat to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an interview with Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg Sunday night, that if Israel rejects the Kerry agreement, it may face a bleak future and international isolation.

The American president claimed that Abbas is a willing partner for peace, though the Palestinians have yet to accept the conditions of the Kerry agreement. Read more at Ynet.



  1. Stay tuned folks, 3 more years of banter, provoke and anticipate Israel to be “complicit” from this well paid president.

    A good thing to do is not just daven and charity, but maybe also a poorer coat to walk around in America. We should not be dressed to the best in a nation where the poor are ruling the day. Lets be at the same level as the president. He is the hope of a better future, right?

    Disgusting era.

  2. Considering the events in Ukraine, which my grandparents came from, and what Kerry said about the Russians violating all the written documents should be instructive on the current negotiations. Kerry, in no uncertain terms, proved, without a doubt, that a signed piece of paper has very little meaning or weight. The negotiations are NOT merely two sides signing an agreement for peace. Instead, it is ONE side giving up territory for a “promise” by a signed piece of paper from the other side. The negotiations Require a “contiguous” Palestinian state but NOT a contiguous Israeli state. Not only are they wanting to divide Yerushalayim but Also divide Israel. That, in and of itself, should make moot any beginning of negotiations.

    I’m listening to Kerry as I write this and have never heard a person talk out both sides of his mouth as he is doing at this moment. “Once and for all?”, he says. Only a fool will say this will be the end of all further conflicts. When has it ever happened that two groups of people have ever been forced into a peaceful settlement and have it sustained for generations. Like many a politician, he keeps reiterating how the US is sooo concerned for Israel’s security. If this were actually true then why doesn’t the US make demands upon the Arabs, with Consequences, such as cutting of ALL aid to those people. But this is Never Ever a consideration in ANY negotiations.

  3. stupid shmaltz…

    oh, sorry, sorry shmaltz for making fun of you…

    yeh, I know your worth more than these peace talks 🙁 .. lol 🙂

  4. Netanyahu knows that BHO is a wimp, a windbag and a wuss; witness Putin pushing him around. The US has more to lose from cutting its Israel connections than the reverse. The US in fact depends upon Israeli technoiogy in many ways, not all publicly acknowledged. BHO should resign now and go to the Mens Club in Chicago to avoid (political) exposure.

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