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“one man revolutionizing the Arbah Minim purchasing experience”

It’s Tishrei again; a month of non-stop action. The to-do lists keep growing and you wonder how you’ll ever get it all in. If you’re like most people, one item on the to-do list looms large – your Arba Minim. You consider yourself somewhat of an expert. You remember the days when you had the time to spend hours finding that perfect set, the Esrog that was you!

But let’s face it. Are you still able to shop for your Esrog the way you would like to? Between your growing family, all the shopping, and catching up for your missed days at work, do you still have the time and energy to shop for an Esrog the way you would really like to?

Now, there’s a perfect solution for you!

Ever hear of Kind of like a personal shopper for Arba Minim. You give them your exact specifications and they go to work for you, searching, finding and delivering a complete set exactly to your liking. Chazon Ish Lefkowitz, with a Pittom, not “too green”, nice gidul, not too big! Sure, no problem! Fill out the easy-to-fill online form and you’ll have your set delivered to your door, exactly the way you like it!

With more than ten years as an Arba Minim dealer based in Lakewood, New Jersey, Yehoshua Berger, the “shopper” at has built a loyal local client base, with a focus on custom service, expertise, honesty and integrity. takes this already incredible shopping experience to a whole new level, now expanding to the entire continental US! offers a variety of customizable package options to suit your preferences. combs the market of Arba Minim from the finest growers to find you just the set you looking for. deals exclusively with superior quality merchandise. With packages available in four different price ranges there is sure to be something to suit every taste and budget. Esrogim are all rabbinically certified for yichus (lineage) and non-grafted purity. Lulavim are exclusively from the renowned Deri-Kobin orchards, and Hadassim carry the highest level meshulash certification. All sets come with the famed Monsey/Swiatitzky arovos.

All sets come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident they are that they will meet and exceed your expectations. There is also an option for an additional final recheck by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Danziger, who is well-known for his expertise in Arba Minim. This option allows buyers to confidently purchase their Arba Minim sign unseen, with outstanding results. For more information, visit or call 732-447-4846.

Orders will be accepted until Motzai Shabbos at midnight. Hurry and get your order in quickly! The deadline is fast approaching.

Looking forward to shopping for you!


  1. It’s really a shame they don’t institute (kol korei) price caps on the Arba Minim to make it more affordable for Bnei Torah with large mishpachos. Getting ripped off is NOT a hiddur. It’s being a chosid shoyta and a fool.

    • Everyone can buy for whatever price they want. Nobody’s forcing you to buy for a certain price. There’s no mitzvah to spend $300 if a $25 esrog is good for you. And you don’t have to tell your friends, neighbors in shul or even your wife and sons how much you spent.

  2. Every market has supply and demand rules dictating the prices. So to sum up what you want to happen is that youngerleit shouldn’t want the 300 dollar esrog????!!!!! Sounds crazy to me….. and by now probably you too. and as a side note there are a couple of sales in lkwd ‘litoeles harabim’ with little or no mark up!!


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