Mechanical Hitch Saved Busload of Israelis from Death in Sinai


sinaiMaayana Miskin of Arutz Shevah reports that terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula who planned to blow up a bus full of Israeli tourists were stopped only by a mechanical failure in the bomb they were using. The incident was reported by Channel 2 today.

The near-attack took place in July, reporters said, as a bus of Israeli tourists made their way from Taba to Sharm a-Sheikh. A group of terrorists discovered that the  passengers were Israeli, and began to follow the vehicle.

The terrorists decided to strike near the town of Nuweibe, along the Sinai coast. The terror cell attempted to detonate a large bomb near the bus, according to Arutz Shevah.

The powerful explosives failed to detonate due to a mechanical failure. Before the terrorists could fix their broken bomb, the bus continued on its way, reaching its destination safely. The tourists returned to Israel a short time later, unaware that their lives had been in grave danger.

Israel’s Counter Terrorism Bureau has issued increasingly strong warnings against travel to the Sinai region since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007. The bureau recently warned that there is a “severe and immediate” terrorism alert in Sinai, and called on Israeli citizens to leave the area immediately.

{IsraelNationalNews/Yair Israel}


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