MEASLES MANIA: Rockland 68, Brooklyn 24, Ocean County 11


The measles outbreak continues to plague frum enclaves. Rockland County now has 68 cases, Brooklyn 24 cases, and Ocean County 11 cases.

There are other potential cases under investigation.

Vaccination is encouraged and those children involved with exposure to a confirmed case may be subject to an order of exclusion from local frum schools if unvaccinated.

The Ocean County Health Department continues to support and highly encourage the exclusion of non-vaccinated children from schools, preschools and daycares in the outbreak area. These entities have the authority to make that decision when an outbreak has been declared by the New Jersey Department of Health

People are reminded to check their immunization records and if there is any sign of symptoms to contact your healthcare provider prior to showing up at that provider’s office so that appropriate arrangements can be made for examination or treatment.

The potential for spreading infection exists four days prior and four days after a measles rash onset.

People can become ill from measles from 5 to 21 days after being exposed to the virus.

Measles-like symptoms include fever, rash, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite and pink eye.

Measles can spread through coughing and sneezing and can live on surfaces and in the air for up to two hours.

30% of measles cases involve additional serious health complications.

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  1. Bet you most of them (if not all) are vaxxers who didn’t update their vaccinations and the ones screaming the loudest and cursing the anti-vaxxers.

  2. Is it only the frum communities contracting the measles? Why? It doesn’t make sense. Also, since most yidden vaccinate it doesn’t make sense that so many people got it. What happened to herd immunity. Also why are the people who got vaccinated care if the unvaccinated got the disease? Btw, the anti-vaxxers are not worried if their children get it because once they get the disease they will have lifetime immunity. So stop with fear mongering. It is causing so much sinas chinam. It amazes me that rabbonim and pro vaxxers are being hoodwinked By the cdc, and big Pharma.

    • Mig, insular communities like haredi communities, of whom many don’t have access to information such as the internet are easy prey to the anti-vaxxer propaganda. Herd immunity only works for such a highly contagious disease as measles when the vaccination rate is at least 98%. When the vaccination rate starts to sink below that, the herd protection begins to disappear. I am not worried about contracting measles, since I am vaccinated. However, I do worry about some of my grandchildren, who are too young to receive the vaccination. I also worry about the most vulnerable children in our community, whom because they have compromised immune systems from diseases like cancer, cannot receive the vaccine. The anti-vaxxers children, if they get measles, will get lifetime immunity, that is, if they don’t die first or suffer permanent brain damage from meningitis. I suspect that you know all this but are just trying to muddy the waters. So, we are all being hoodwinked by the CDC, all the doctors, every single medical body in the world, every single medical journal from the New England Journal of medicine to Lancet, the US congress and the World Health Organization. Only you and your fellow quacks know the truth. Tell me, do you also believe the Mossad committed 9/11 and we are being hoodwinked by the US government ?

  3. Finally a good picture! The red dots are frightening! This is tbr 3rd measles article of today. Now one more for my bedtime read and I’m all set.

  4. Since (on the East Coast) only the frum community has a significant number of antivaxxers, the measles cases are confined strictly to the frum community, predictably; and 99.99% of the cases are those who weren’t vaccinated. As babies are not scheduled to receive measles vaccine until 12 months old, even the normal families’ babies are at risk of contracting disease now. How embarrassing it is to admit that unlike some “frum” Yiden, even goyim (on the East Coast at least) are not dumb enough to refuse Hashem’s gift of health through a messenger of modern medicine. Not sure if this “frum” antivaxxer movement qualifies as Chilul H, but now it is understandable why with a current epidemic of superficiality and idiotic reasoning (of which antivaxxers are just one of the symptoms) that we have systemic disasters known as shiduch crisis(due to idiots lacking in basic arithmetic of 5 girls + 4 boys = 1 girl left over), chinuch crisis(due to idiots forgetting that they are in business to spread Torah, as opposed to self aggrandizement) , OTD crisis(due to superficiality and exposure to burned out “mechanchim”?) , etc.

    • Had you had the measles as a kid you’d have a life-long immunity from measles and passed your immunity on to your newborn children so that they would not become ill if there was a measles outbreak. However, this is not the case with vaccinated children as the measles vaccine does not provide life-long immunity and it does not provide antibodies to their newborn children to protect them during a vulnerable time in their lives.

      • Dear 4:27am, you can’t “pass immunity”, not unless you had some mutations on DNA level, which is not the case when you get infectious diseases, you ignorant buffoon.

      • “Had you had the measles as a kid you’d have a life-long immunity from measles and passed your immunity on to your newborn children…”
        The level of of ignorance and belief in outright lies exhibited by most anti-vaxxers is horrifying.

    • You should be upset at all the car drivers for potentially hitting your baby on the road. In fact – a baby is much more likely to die by car than from the measles. Instead of walking to shul and to work, people drive. And yes, since this is potentially harmful, people should daven closer to their home, and work closer to home as well. I’m assuming that you and your family are guilty of this too. They are rotzchim!! Rodfim! Let’s start by naming them “Anti-walkkkers” and making them into a cult movement from now on! It’s so geshmak to impose our belief on others.

      • Excellent point and brilliant logic, which is typical of anti-vaxxers in general.
        If people really cared about automobile safety there would be all kinds of laws and restrictions, such as speed limits, seatbelt usage, licence suspension for reckless drivers, severe fines and imprisonment for drunk drivers, and length prison sentences for those who injure or kill while driving recklessly or while impaired.
        The fact that none of these laws and restrictions exist proves your point beyond a reasonable doubt.

  5. Have you ever wondered why so many who were born after 1963 have food allergies? The CDC admits that vaccines cause food allergies. Research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) has revealed that their own vaccines cause food allergies.

    • Dear Nothing Better To Do At 4:38AM. Show a link to the CDC website that “admits that vaccines cause food allergies”. If you can’t, just do yourself a favor, and stop revealing just how dumb the antivaxxers are.

  6. To Eli. Children are vaccinated as early as 3 months. At approx. 9 months of age they are vaccinated with MMR vaccine. Also, I got the disease as well as my siblings and We BH are fine. My parents treated the disease like it was a cold. We were sick for approx. two weeks. Today we have lifetime immunity. We never have to be exposed to shots. There is no such thing as herd immunity. It is propaganda created by big pharma and the cdc. The only kind of immunity exists is natural immunity. Don’t hoodwinked by fake science.

    • Dear Mig (russian troll?), you don’t know what you are talking about: MMR vaccine is scheduled for 12 months of age, not 3 or 9 months. Typical brainless antivaxxer.

    • To Mig, first of all, you are either lying or ignorant. The MMR vaccine is given between 12 and 15 months. The second dose is given between 4 and 6 years old I know people who smoked and lived till 95. That’s proof that smoking poses no health risk based on your logic. Don’t be hoodwinked by by fake science. I think you should smoke 5 packs a day. Is the only immunity to smallpox and polio also natural immunity. You didn’t answer my question. Who comitted 9/11? Did aliens land in Arizona and the US government is covering it up. You continue to parrot ‘Big Pharma and the CDC’ . What about every single medical body in the world ? You cannot cite a single medical body that says not to immunize. I guess they are all fools. ONLY THE ANTI-VAXXERS know the real truth.

  7. Clarity: The Non Vaccinated – and the “Anti Vaxxers” There is a major difference

    Disclosure: From a father of 8 (vaccinated kids), who will rarely join controversial conversations

    A few facts:

    1) There are people who vaccinate, with B”H constitutes the majority of us.

    2) There are people who won’t vaccinate as part of a movement, and will do their utmost to impose their opinions on the rest, with arguments, printed magazines, comments etc. to try and convince people not to vaccinate.

    3) Then there are others – like the student in my brother, a local community Rebbe’s class. He is not up to date on his vaccination, and has not been vaccinated in over a year. Nor are the rest of his siblings. You see, his father passed away within hours of getting a flu shot. A connection? I and most others are not qualified to say.

    Facts over, I present my humble opinions:

    While they both made a choice not to vaccinate, the difference between the protagonists in fact#2 and the family in fact number 3 could not be further apart.

    Those in number 2 are striving with almost a hysteria to try and make you think like them, and change your opinion about inoculations. One can try and argue with them, but from my experience – and I count one of these people as a friend for his other redeeming qualities – don’t bother. It’s like talking to a wall – one that yells back at you and doesn’t let you finish a coherent sentence.

    Those in number 3 deserve our compassion. For them, it is simply a trauma that they are currently unable to overcome, and I do not believe that ostracizing them or giving a blanket ruling or threats about allowing them into school are whom the letters published by Rabbanim are directed at.

    While number 2 are anything but shy about their opinion on the matter, number 3, and any of those like them with a medical reason are usually quiet about their decisions and certainly not on the campaign to “convert” you. Compassionate people like most of us understand their reasoning and respect their silent suffering.

    In Conclusion:

    Anyone who has ever asked a medical shaila will know that every case has its individual considerations that are taken into account.

    I don’t allow my children to play at the home of my friend who won’t vaccinate. I can’t disagree more strongly with his decision, yet still consider him a friend. I even feel bad for him and his family about their block-headedness on the subject. Yet I have long since stopped trying to argue with him about it.

    At the same time, those following Da’as Torah or suffering from legitimate medical reasons get my compassion, and I hope you’ll understand why.

  8. I can tell you the connection.
    The flu shot has thermisol in it which is toxic enough to kill someone.
    The pro-vaxxers hear these stories and don’t make the connections.
    The anti-vaxxers understand that the ingredients are toixic.
    There were many visits to emergency rooms after flu shots.
    And the same people who are making the flu shot are making all the others

    • I am a 60 year old, get a flu shot every year for the past two decades, have perfect health, and didn’t get flu even once since I started, prior to which I used to get flu once every winter. There is nothing harmful or toxic about the flu vaccine. You are messing up your life with all the antivaxxer paranoia.


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