Measles Count in US This Year Already More Than All of 2018


U.S. health officials report that the number of measles cases through the first three months of this year have surpassed the count for all of 2018.

There have been 387 cases through March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Monday. There were 372 last year. It’s the most since 2014, when 667 were reported.

This year’s numbers have been driven by outbreaks in several states, including New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and Washington. Most people who get measles have not been vaccinated.

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  1. Last year there were 3,978,497 births in the USA. With a rate of autism holding at one in 36, that’s over 110,000 new cases of autism…
    and you’re worried about a few measly cases of measles???

    • This fallacy is pushed by people who have a vested interest in blaming autism on vaccines, instead of focusing on the real factors.

    • Bubby, if vaccinations work so well, why are you so worried??????????? Can they still contract measles from children who get the measles naturally? Yes, of course. You know quite well that those adults who are getting measles all got their double dosage of vaccinations as kids but they’re worthless because they’re not lifetime immunity. So now they’re suffering and blaming it on the anti-vaxxers instead of on the doctors who fooled them and fooled you. When will you get your head out of the sand?

      • Measles was just about eradicated until the anti-vaxxers proliferated. There would be no need for vaccines to be 100% effective. “Ho Rayo” We don’t even vaccinate for smallpox anymore.

      • Not vaccinating your child not only puts your own child at risk but every other child who has just been born because vaccinations for measles don’t work before the child is a year old. Measles is the most contagious disease known, there is no cure, and no effective treatment.

        Vaccinate your children and check to see if you yourself might need a booster. It is chilul HaShem that that the measles outbreak in New York is attributed to religious Jews. It makes us look as stupid as the religious Muslims in Asia who are refusing polio vaccines and perpetuating an epidemic there.

        • of course there is a cure – time!! Just let the disease run its course, about a week, and then you are immune for life!! It is NOT a chronic disease with no cure!

        • vaccinations don’t work before age of a year. When the mother is naturally immune, because she had the measles as a child, her immunity is handed down to the baby for a full year.

          But if she was vaccinated, then her immunity does not protect the baby at all. it is a vicious cycle

    • Measles was a natural childhood disease but never a deadly disease. However, measles can be fatal for adults. Vaccinations pushes the measles away for a few years but not for life. Woe to adults who are exposed to it and contract it. Which is why the anti-vaxxer movement started and so many are hopping onto their wagon.

      • ^^ This is entirely false. Before the vaccine, millions died from measles every year. 62 died in Venezuela last year thanks to the horrible Maduro regime’s destruction of that country’s public health system. In 2017, over a hundred thousand died worldwide. All preventable.

        And a single measles vaccine gives 95% of people lifetime immunity. One additional vaccine increases that to 99%. For most people with functioning immune systems, vaccination does not “push the measles away”, it prevents it completely.

    • Vaccination rates are HIGHER in Mexico and Central America than in the US. And the New York outbreak has been traced to Israel. I presume you want the government to ban travel to and from Israel?

  2. …and still not a single death. How can you call this “deadly” if not even 1 person healthy or not, died in the US since 2015. (That was a woman who was seriously ill & would’ve died from a cold too)

    Seems much more deadly to eat pickles or walk on the sidewalk.

    • There have been at least 11 deaths in the past 18 years in the US directly from measles and another 33 from a common complication. There have been two recent deaths in Israel. All unnecessary. We could have eradicated measles from the planet had we ignored all the anti-vaxxers.

    • Listen Bubbe. Just get your flu shot and you will be protected from every illness and disease and ypu will live forever. End of story.

  3. The last paragraph of the full article that this article is a representation of and links over to is: “For most people, measles is miserable but not life-threatening. There have been three measles-related deaths reported since 2000, including two in 2003 and one in 2015.” Of course, the death of even ONE person is always a grave tragedy, and certainly the death of more than one person is always that much more of a grave tragedy. At the same time though, the deaths of three people — or, as Charles B. Hall above says it was over eleven people — from one cause in an eighteen year period is obviously not any kind of a “deadly” “epidemic”!! Similarly, 387 cases of the illness in a year or even 667 cases of the illness in a year — out of a national population of well over three hundred and twenty million people — is obviously not any kind of “disease outbreak” or “state of emergency”!!

    By totally sharp contrast, with the “Yenem Machla,” it was projected for the year 2018 that doctors would discover 1,735,350 more people with the Machla, and that 609,640 people would die from it. (See These six & seven digit numbers of millions and hundred thousands obviously speak of something BIG of epic proportions. Yet NONE of the talk and announcements and news broadcasts about the Yenem Machla have even ONE ONE THOUSANDTH of the alarm and the urgency and the vehemence and the condemnation and the anger and the hate and the declarations of “outbreaks” & “states of emergency” that is constantly being spewed about an incident of even just ONE person with measles!!


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