McDonald’s Woes Continue With Heroin Spiking One Man’s Coca-Cola


A man is suing McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, alleging that a McDonald’s employee spiked his drink with a heroin substitute.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Trevor Walker claims he went to a McDonald’s in a suburb of Salt Lake City in 2016, and had seated his three children down with their meals from the restaurant when he took a sip from his Diet Coke.

Walker alleges in the lawsuit that he lost sensation in his arms and legs and his vision became distorted, before he blacked out and collapsed, according to the outlet.

This is the second incident of tainted McDonald’s this week. On Sunday, a pregnant woman in Canada alleged that she was served cleaning fluid after ordering a latte from a McDonald’s.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. These slip & fall lawyers are surrounding McDonald’s like fleas. Before, it was Starbucks. Now it’s McDonald’s. Who’s next? Dunkin Donuts? Berger King?


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