McConnell Thanks Kavanaugh Protesters for Giving GOP ‘Great Political Gift’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doubled down on his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and said those who protested Kavanaugh’s confirmation had only given the GOP a “great political gift” ahead of midterms.

“I want to thank the mob, because they’ve done the one thing we were having trouble doing, which was energizing our base,” McConnell said in an interview with The Washington Post. He said Republicans have already seen improved polling on Senate races as a result of the opposition to Kavanaugh. In comments made just hours before Kavanaugh’s final confirmation vote, the Kentucky Republican also said he never once wavered in supporting the Supreme Court nominee, despite the allegation against him. “When your integrity is attacked like his was,” he was quoted as saying, “a withdrawal was certainly no solution to that, so we were in the fight to the finish.” Read more at the WASHINGTON POST.



  1. It would be nice to see photos of Democrats helplessly howling at the moon, as they did on the first anniversary of President Trump’s election.

  2. During the primaries in NYC I told my son that when he becomes 18 he should vote Republican, but to register as a Democrat. This is because in NYC Democrats rule, so in a primary where you have a centrist and a socialist we need voters to help the lesser of two evils. Last week my son turned 18. He was so disgusted what the DemocRATS did to Judge Kavanaugh he registered as a Republican.

  3. Will those women who fabricated lies on an innocent person tainting his good name be sentenced to several years in jail? And what about Feinstein who helped create the lies?

    • Unfortunately, as long as the little rino pipsqueak, Jeff Sessions, is the AG, NOTHING will happen to ANY democrat. As an employee of Adam Schiff, he will only go after President Trump and his supporters.

  4. I see the trash culture on television and I choose to dress better. I wake up the next day and its not a problem anymore.

    What a sin to make much about the business a world must eager to work into. There is just a bar room. Why not leave it there.

    Drunk stupid and shameful. The poverty of the generations. The sin follows.

    Distinctly, if you actually watch to dress better, you are a better dream to sincere folk. They appreciate.

    And we will have Jewish life. Kavanaugh is strong.


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