McClatchy Poll Shock: Sanders Beats Trump, Bush in Landslide


Bernie SandersVermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would beat Republicans Donald Trump and Jeb Bush by a landslide in a general election if it were held today, according to the latest McClatchy-Marist Poll.

The independent “democratic socialist” who is running in the Democratic primaries leads Trump 53-41. He leads Bush 51-41.

Democrat Brent Budowsky points out in a column at The Hill that Sanders’ huge advantage over Trump is nothing new, but it is new for Bush.
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“It is shocking that the data suggests that Sanders has a lead over Trump that could be so huge that he would win a landslide victory in the presidential campaign, with margins that would almost certainly lead Democrats to regain control of the Senate and could help Democrats regain control of the House of Representative — if, of course, the three polls that show Sanders beating Trump by 9 to 12 points reflect final voting in the presidential election,” Budowsky writes.

“It would be equally shocking if future polling shows that the Sanders lead over Bush remains at landslide margins,” he said.

The opt-in Internet-based survey talked to 2,000 adults between November 5 and 9 and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

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  1. Unlike the Romneys, Hillary Clintons, Rubios’,who have a party operative write up for them a platform,and could interchange parties ,and policies, with barely creating a stir

    As A Beltway cynical line says “The key to success in politics is sincerity. if you could fake that, you have it made “!

    Sanders ,Rand Paul, Jeremy Corbyn [in the UK] Cruz ,Carson have one big in common :they are ” real”

    You might support or oppose what the stand for- but they are ” real”


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