McCain: Trump Scandals Reaching ‘Watergate Size And Scale’


Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) reportedly said Tuesday that scandals within President Trump’s administration are reaching a “Watergate size and scale.”

McCain made the statement at a International Republican Institute dinner on Tuesday night. Multiple reporters said that during a speech at the event, McCain compared recent reports surrounding Trump’s administration to Watergate.

McCain’s statement came just hours after a bombshell report that Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey in February to stop his investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Nebach. The torture he received in prison is having a debilitating effect on his mental capacity. He has become a glaring example of why we must make term limits mandatory across the board.

  2. McCain had no problem with Obama’s numerous Watergates, yet goes crazy for manufactured allegations against Trump. McCain has spent too much time in Washington, needs to retire.

      • Oh yeah, did McCain ever call Obama’s actions impeachable offenses, which this Watergate labelling really means? Dear Binyomin, educate yourself instead of regurgitating what they taught you in Mao’s camp.

      • Giving McCain a credit he deserves – he is a traitor and a fool who uses his Vietnam service as a shield against criticism. As far as his duty – that is to represent his voters, not to be a DemocRatic useful idiot.


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